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The Zerg are an ancient race of aliens that some say existed long before the Numenorians came to be. Zarian culture often sees them as one of the "Old Ones" which is a term used for a race that survived the Cythas incident.


Zerg culture is ruled by a matriarchal council of 9 leaders, all female and all elected by the people of the planet. Each and every commoner is often chosen a mate at birth and does nothing with the mate until the 2 come of reasonable age and begin the bonding process which is composed of injecting a sample of each other's blood into the other's bloodstream. The two are then bonded for life unless the male or female dies, then they must find another mateless companion and redo the bonding process. Although ever since they made contact with other intelligent species, they were allowed to choose who they wish to become companions with.

The Illithid Wars

During the Aldrazar year 27BR, the race elected 9 corrupt matriarchs due to the manipulative ways of the evil council that later called themselves, "The 9 Daggers". After their election, they framed the Illithids for committing acts of aggresion, treason and war which later made them wage war against the Illithids to try and obtain their technology, forcing the race to relocate to Aldrazar to spend the rest of their lives in hiding in the deep barrows of the Underdark.

By the time they were found out, the Zerg race declared war on the 9 Daggers causing all of the Zerg Republic to erupt into a civil war, tearing Zergos and all of the other neighboring Zerg worlds apart.


Zerg have similar stomachs to Ceiphians, having their bodies consume all waste materials, although their bodies alter the wastes and change it all into a very thin, almost sweat-like mucus to secrete on to their skin to keep their skin moist and flexible. A Zerg's "penis" is located in the pelvic region of the body, covered by flaps of skin which contract when a male Zerg is about to mate. Females have similar sexual organs to Human females, but have 2 wombs instead, allowing for the female to produce 2 offspring. The female's mamaries produce a thick gray syrup that has a sweet and creamy taste to it and contains nutrients which they supply to their newborn offspring. Zergs both male and female also at times have body marks which distinguish the difference between every individual Zerg.

Abilities (Ragna)


  • Immunity: Poison and Disease
  • +1 Initiative bonus vs Synthetics
  • -3xLVL saving throw bonus vs spellcasters (semi-inexperienced with magic)
  • Tech-Whiz (can instantly identify any type of unknown technology)

Languages: Human, Zerg and Illithid. Depending on bonus to Intelligence, a Zerg may learn that many new languages.

Movement rate: 120ft.