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The Zarian Kingdoms is one of the central dominions in the cosmos, well known for their vast arcane knowledge and the ability to use it to power their technology, commonly known simply as "Magichnology."

Outsiders often refer to the dominion as the "Kingdoms of Myth" due to the many religions and creatures that live within the Kingdoms that come from different cultural mythologies of Terra, from the Olympian gods to the monsters of urban legend like the Yeti or even the Sphinx, the stories of the Arthurian Mythos and Epics like the story of Beowulf.

To this day they remain a strong force in the cosmos, remaining ever vigilant and continuing to give rise to new heroes and legends throughout the ages.

Information (Ragna)[]

Homeworld: Aldrazar

Political leader: High King Alteon the Golden

Government: Democratic Monarchy


Population: 8,211,500,750,985 (spans across multiple star systems)