Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal sword, the twin blade of the Flamberge.

The Vorpal Sword is one of the legendary twin blades created by the twins Fenrir and Iknamus. The blade is covered entirely by ice from an enchantment given to it from the Frost giants giving it more power than it previously had.

The blade itself without the ice is a longsword of sharpness +3, but with the ice it adds frost damage to it making it more effective in combat.

The blade was forged by Iknamus Lionheart for the very purpose of ending the Dragon Wars and to protect the innocent, but then Iknamus began to grow a lust for vengeance against those who wronged him and decided to do things his way, using the blade to conquer and destroy rather than protect and serve.

The blade's current whereabouts is unknown, it is assumed that it has been frozen deep beneath the arctic wastes near the Mountain of Mirrors in Avelice.

The blade is the twin sword of the Flamberge.