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Name: Veltrex

Other Alias: Helios
Age: Unknown
Race: Astral Cyrathilian
Height: Variable (usually 53'0")
Birthdate: 3240UG
Birthplace: Terrahypt
Class: Planeswalker, Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Tyg
Crush: Unknown

Veltrex is the 2nd of the Planeswalkers and one of the many chosen champions among Astralius' most powerful Astral knights. Wielding one of the elements of the cosmos, Veltrex believes it to be his very goal to purify the world of Terrahypt of all evil.

Veltrex wields the element of light and wields a greatsword as his weapon.


Before Veltrex discovered his elemental powers, Veltrex spent most of his life doing things he enjoyed such as feeding the wildlife, talking to the other Cyrathilians and learning the art of Archium manipulation. During the Cyrathesian wars however, both his mother and father were killed by Arklight's forces and he was later raised under the care of Egnia as her adopted son.

When Veltrex achieved adulthood, he had mastered the power of archium manipulation, flight and was heavily skilled in close quarters combat. Veltrex felt that it was time for him and Egnia to part ways, believing that he must choose his own path. After saying his goodbyes, Veltrex left and embarked on a quest for enlightenment to find his true purpose in life.

During the war against Aeon, he discovered he wields the ability to control the element of light energy and realized it to be a powerful weapon against the forces that threatened to wipe out his race.

He later found more Astrals with elemental powers and together they formed an order of Astral knights known as the Planeswalkers.


Veltrex acts very regal and proper, very common among knights and soldiers who are bound by a specific code. He has an air of determination about him making him appear as an extremely serious individual.


Fighting Style[]