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Situation where we left off: Asher's character Lars (our 1st level Human Blackguard) is fighting off a horde of Troglodytes with the help of a few undead minions he conjured forth from a group of corpses which were the remains of a battle that took place inside the caves which is now composed of 5 corpses that Lars Landred raised using Create undead:

Meanwhile in the back, Tyler's Tiefling Warlock Kemono Kentachi made a successful hide check while behind the horde of Trogs making their way down the narrow hallways (the hallways are somewhat thin only allowing up to 2 people to take point or travel shoulder to shoulder) and sneaks up to each one before delivering a coup de grace to each Trog he comes across when he stabs each one in the back. (i gave an explenation as to how he was hidden each time he delivered a coup de grace pretty much saying he ducked every time a Trog would turn around)

Continuation: We come back to the still ongoing battle between the blackguard and his undead minions, a Tiefling Warlock and a shrinking horde of Troglodytes which was then reduced to 12 out of 25. Lars' minions proceeded to fight on, hacking and slashing at the remaining creatures while Kemono continued his spine stabbing. (cue battle music: Realms of Ragna OST - Villain battle theme)

Lars gave one of his minions his 2 handed bastard sword which allowed the zombified Berserker to discard his rusty battle axe, before continuing on with the fight with his damage output increased from 1d6+2 - 1d8+2. The zombies hit a few times but most of the time missed their targets which i think is when Lars decided to move to the front taking the Berserker with the rusty battle axe out of the fray because of their bad rolls which then made him vulnerable to attacks from the Trogs.

Kemono managed to kill a few more and so did Lars and his minions until eventually there were 4 left. Before Kemono can even lay a finger on one of the Trogs, one of them turned around and spotted him raising his sword before engaging into combat against him along with the one next to him. Kemono took 2 damage from one of the Trogs putting him down to 5/7 points before delivering a devastating blow which knocked the Trog's HP down to 1 sending him running in terror. Lars eventually dispatched the 2 Trogs and spotted the one escaping before taking out his longbow and hit the Trog straight through the back killing him. Kemono then finished off the last Trog ending the battle.

kill ratio:

  • Kemono: 13 kills = 25 X 13 = 325 + (13 X 5 for attribute bonus) = 390 EXP
  • Lars: 12 kills = 25 X 12 = 300

After that, Kemono searched the bodies and found a Ring of Protection +1 (grants +1 to Armor Class) before venturing off, as did Lars. Lars went back to the room of pools to rejuvinate the point of damage he suffered from one of the Trogs, as did Kemono. After rejuvinating himself from the healing pool, he left. Lars then looked at his undead mage and believed him to no longer be of any use, so he dispelled his magic on him and watched him crumble to the ground as a corpse again before turning to his 2 berserker minions.

He then commanded them to drink from the pool of healing, they did as he commanded and drank before a part of them began to combust and burn from the holy magic from the pool before dissolving and crumbling to a bunch of body parts (he forgot that healing hurts the undead, or didnt know or something, i cant remember clearly, all i remember is that he made a facepalm after they drank).

Now with no undead minions, he sent out to rejoin Kemono, believing he might be of some use. They traveled the complex before walking into a dining room with a bunch of lazy and sleepy kobolds who look like their falling asleep. Kemono talked to one of them and it told him to get him a drink from the pool room from the pool with fresh, clean and clear water.

He did as he said and filled an empty canteen the Kobold had given him with the water and gave it to him, which restored some of his strength, allowing him to give him the 30 gold pieces and 1 platinum piece he had to offer in return. Then Kemono killed him.

The two then ventured forth and found the lounge inside the dining room which contained a statue of a naked woman in an alluring pose. The two then descussed what to do with it until they found out that it was bolted to the floor and is unable to be moved, so they thought about breaking it, until they found out that it would ruin the value of the statue, so they left it.

the two quickly departed and went through a winding corridor before deciding to go through this one door to their left which led into a kitchen with a kobold rummaging through the pots and pans and cupboards looking for anything edible. Kemono quickly killed him as he was occupied and searched him to find nothing.

The two then went through the door on the other side of the kitchen to find themselves back at the Trog massacre. They then went back the other way and went through the northern corridor they havent explored yet. They found themselves at a corridor with a passageway to the left and 2 on the right. They decide to take the one on the far right which leads to a passageway to the left of them going north. Kemono then feels a small breeze coming from the wall behind him and checks the wall only to find a secret door leading into a Wizard's study.

Kemono sees something shiny under a table to find a gold ring and Lars finds a gold rod on a bookcase. Out of curiosity, Kemono checks the bookcase to find another. The weight of the bookcase shifts and it topples over hitting the ground and creating a puff of dust. when it cleared, Kemono found 2 more rods of gold. The two turned on each other and began to get into a fight before Kemono cast Darkness to get away.

then thats where we stopped the game.


PS: during all this, Tyler's friend Josh got interested and wanted me to help him roll up a character.