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The Trials of Eternity are specific tests bestowed upon a certain individual who is chosen to become the next Avatar. The trials simply test one's abilities to see if the chosen person is worthy.

the trials are split into 5 different tests:

  1. Touch - The chosen must traverse the Lowerdark, bring back a deposit of Zodiac and come back alive.
  2. Smell - The chosen must travel to Olympus and participate in a wine banquet with Dionysus.
  3. Hearing - The chosen must pass through the Dungeon of Deceit and emerge victorious.
  4. Sight - The chosen must gaze into the pupil of the Eye of Vecna without losing one's sanity.
  5. Taste - The chosen must travel to Asgard and participate in a feast with the gods themselves.

Once all the trials have been completed, Ragna himself will then tell the chosen to travel to an undisclosed location before being told what to do next. This will then take him/her to te realm of creation where the chosen will finally be able to wield the Ragnarok.