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Chronicles of Ragna timeline[]

900,000BR (Before Reckoning) - Elveron is born
860,000BR - Elveron creates Tella, his companion and embarks on his quest.
750,000BR - Elveron's Quest comes to an end.
625,000BR - Elveron settles on Aldrazar and becomes ruler of the Numenorians.
200,000BR - Remiel GladriemHaldrius and Ranatosk are born.

21,000BR - Argilion is born

20,300BR - Argilion wages war against Elveron.
20,000BR - Elveron is defeated by Argilion. Ranatosk defeats Argilion thus ending the war. Ranatosk and Alagon go into stasis until they are needed again. Haldrius becomes king.
19,999BR - The races of the world are created and Ragna places Numenoria in the clouds.
19,500BR - The racial conflict begins.
15,000BR - The racial conflict ends and begins the Age of Kings.

27BR - The Illithid wars begins.

0 - Age of Reckoning

1AR (After Reckoning) - The Dragon wars begin.

2AR - The Dragoons are created.

900AR - Ranatosk and Alagon awaken.

991AR - Paterim Jones is born.

1013AR - Guy Elron is born

1016AR - Grognar Bloodfire and Diala Jones are born
1018AR - Fredrik Jones is born
1023AR - Robin Jones is born following the death of his mother from childbirth.
1036AR - Fredrik is captured by a gold dragon the day before Robin leaves home to look for him. (and so our story begins)

1040AR - The Black Cloak Syndicate demolishes Rivergulf in search of the Philosopher's Stone.
1042AR - Fredrik saves the city of Neverwinter and Aldrazar from the Wailing Death plague as well as destroying the sinister force behind it (Realms of Ragna present year)
1045AR - Robin finds Fredrik and finds The Philosiphor's stone which gives him a vision of the future showing the destruction of Aldrazar.
1046AR - Robin embarks on a quest to find the most fiercest of warriors on Aldrazar which would later become The Gauntlet.
1049AD - Robin meets Nicole Calensia.
1050AD - Robin and Nicole become married.
1051AD - The birth of Albus Jones.
1055AD - The Gauntlet is formed.
1061AD - Robin begins the Trials of Eternity to become worthy to wield the Ragnarok.
1063AD - Robin becomes the first mortal to wield the Ragnarok.
1068AD - The beginning of The Final Wars and end. Robin travels to the future to start a new life after losing his entire family to the war. The extinction of the Numenorians on Aldrazar.
1070UG (Utopia Genesis) - Beginning of the Utopian age.