Profound Darkness

The Profound Darkness and its battle against The Great Light.

"It is the root of all evil that has wrought death and destruction to the Edenian empire causing their inevitable fall, for there can be no good without evil." -Dungeon Master

The Profound Darkness (also known as "Azathoth" to the Numenorians) is the ultimate evil of the universe, one of the two great primordials created by Ragna during the Great Conjunction to create the 2 balances of the universe: Order and Chaos.

The Profound Darkness wished nothing but to simply create chaos throughout the universe considering that was its purpose, but was cast into the void by the Primordial of Order: "The Great Light". Due to its imprisonment, it sent out a vessel of evil known as Falzara as an extension of its will. After the vessel released the Darkness from the void, the Edenian empire was the first to fall following other great races but was then quickly overpowered by the heroes of the Algo system sending it back into the void.

Now it awaits for its servant to once again open the Void and release it to continue its scurge across the universe.