Not many know about how the universe came to be, but some know of Elveron's Origin and how it all happened.


Long after Cythas recreated the new universe, the Ragnarok created a man on an unnamed planet at the center of the milky way galaxy. After his birth from the very palm of Ragna, he wandered the planet seeking knowledge and wisdom. Over the course of eons, the man became exceptionally intelligent. He then decided to name himself Elveron, the first Numenorian word meaning "limitless".

For many thousands of years, Elveron was in solitude as his mind grew over the years. Eventually he became the most powerful mind in the universe. Having the power to create life, he decided he wanted a companion to accompany him on his new quest to populate the universe. He took a fragment of his own soul and created a female version of his race (now known as the Numenorians) and named her Telara . Elveron and her then took to the stars and seeded many planets, the first to be seeded was a planet named Arda. Then they seeded Terra, Zerana, Aldrazar, Eternia, Gaia and Eden. After their work was finished, he settled down on the planet of Aldrazar and the two began to reproduce to give life to the planet. Thousands of years later, a utopia is born, the Numenorians have created a bastion of civilization that flourished even beyond the boundaries of dark space. Elveron had 3 sons named Ranatosk Gladriem, Remiel Gladriem and Haldrius Gladriem . But amongst all of the Numenorians, one didn't take kindly to the figure seated upon the throne of the Numenorian empire: The dark lord Argilion. Filled with envy and desire for power, he made a pact with the dark gods of the universe. These supreme unholy beings agreed willingly to help him in his conquest for power. So he raised an army of demons and all kinds of other hideous creatures and sent out to take the realm for his own. For years the Numenorians were at war with the dark forces of Argilion, but with the help of the gods of goodness and light, they succeeded. But it came at a heavy price, the immortal ruler of the Numenorian empire, the creator of all life in the universe, the emperor Elveron, is dead. Ranatosk and his mentor and servant Alagon Krazer both sealed themselves within 2 runes until they were needed once more. The rest of the Nuemnorians created the Races of the Realms and went back into hiding by taking the last Numenorian city left and rising it high into the sky to keep themselves isolated from the rest of the world. Some of the Numenorians stayed and watched over the planet, others left and went to the other seeded planets. With Haldrius Gladriem as their new king, he decided to name the city after their race, he named it Numenoria.