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Name: TargRobis

Age: none (does not age)
Race: Unknown (is a manifestation created by Targnil)
Height: 6'3 inches
Birthdate: 3042UG
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Patron deity: Targnil
Crush: Targnil

"Is that all you got?! C'mon! Show me a real fight!"

-TargRobis addressing Robin Jones.

TargRobis is a complete duplicate of Robin Jones. Being a manifestation of Robin's dark side, he has made it his sole mission to spread chaos and terror thoughout the cosmos in the name of Targnil.


Targnil originally created TargRobis as a simple minion to do her bidding, but eventually his purpose went beyond a mere servant to a man with a grudge. Having a hatred for humanity and all other non-Dutvutanian life forms, he made it his solemn mission to exterminate those he believed were inferior.

During his time as Targnil's servant, he eventually felt his lust begin to affect his mind and realized that he felt physically attracted to Targnil and decided to do anything that would please her until he would be able to one day "make love" to her and satisfy his lustful desires.

One day, he decided to pay Terrahypt a visit hoping that all the female-looking creatures there will be able to temporarily satisfy him until he can be able to get with Targnil. Little did he know that he would eventually meet his original, Robin Jones. Believing him to be the real copy and himself the original, TargRobis now does all he can to destroy Robin and deem himself the true Robin Jones.

TargRobis during his final fight with Robin Jones