The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Strahd Von Zarovich

Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire
Height: 6'0
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Barovia
Class: Duelist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Tyr
Crush: None

Strahd is the son of Tahd Vladne'er and Tatyana Von Zarovich and is the only Half-Vampire to exist. Harboring a hatred for his now accursed blood and holding on to whats left of his humanity, Strahd despises his father and fights to protect the weak and pure of Barovia.


Strahd was born in the care of the great priests of Tyr in the Brotherhood of Divinity where he was trained as a holy warrior to prepare him to face his father side by side with the prophecised Champion of Divinity, the only individual from the lineage with the power to defeat the Prince of Darkness. That day would come some 30 years later, now as a fully trained and fully grown man, he set out for castle Ravenloft to end his father's reign of terror forever, but failed in the end and was mortally wounded in the confrontation with his father. Yet as he lay dying, he revealed the truth of everything to him, causing Tahd to be driven mad with rage and grief by the revelation and try to save his dying son by going so far as to use his own life blood, but he was too late.....or so he thought. Tahd then buried him within the walls of castle Ravenloft and swore bloody vengeance upon the world.

Years and years pass and the Brotherhood of Divinity is now destroyed by the onslaught of dark monsters Tahd had unleashed upon Barovia and the curse of the Vladne'er lineage now began to awaken within Strahd, slowly reviving him over many years. He awoke once more into the world, not as a human, but a monster like his father. Despite this, he vowed that he would be nothing like his father, choosing to be a force for good opposing his father's capacity for evil.

Unfortunately, many now shunned him and treated him with disrespect believing him to be a demon spawn. After much abuse, he could take it no longer and left the lands never to return. In order to rid the world of himself, he submerged his unholy vampire powers and entered what what was supposed to be an eternal slumber. But now, he is awake and aware of the evil once again at work in his homeland when he hears of a celestial warrior wielding a divine weapon of power against the forces of darkness.

In that very moment, Strahd swore to destroy his father Tahd and sent out on another quest to put an end to his reign of terror and save the lands of Barovia.

"The time has once again come for good and evil to engage in their ancient battle. Ravenloft beckons for you.....And no man can say who shall emerge victorious."

-Dungeon Master

Brotherhood of Divinity rebirth[]

During his quest, Strahd met Stark while inside castle Ravenloft, and after hearing him speak of himself having the same goal as his own, decided to join forces with him. Blood bound them together and fate took a hand once again, as finally they met their dreaded foe in mortal combat.

Stark defeated Tahd with the legendary Divinity's Cross, and yet Strahd sensed that all was not as it should be, he felt that his father would return.

To prepare for the day that Tahd returns, Stark and Strahd rebuilt the Brotherhood of Divinity to ensure that the Vashyron lineage would be ready for his return.