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A Runetouched Spellblade.

Spellblades are fighters who have trained themselves in the art of of both the blade and the arcane. Unlike Defenders and Warlocks, Spellblades can specialize in any school of magic that suits their needs.


Spellblades may be able to combine fighting skills with magic (excluding Battle Mages), but they have limited power when it comes to both combat and spellcasting.

Ex: Spellblades can only cast spells by channeling it into their weapon and releasing the spell by swinging the blade in the direction they wish (which takes up a 2 rounds multiplied by the spell level). Spellblades can also cast spells as many times as they want depending how much Mana Points they have. Should they run out of MP, the Spellblade must draw mana from enemies to restore their mana at the cost of 1 Technique Point per Mana Point.

Unfortunately due to the limit of magic power most races have, only Runetouched are gifted with the ability to train in the path of the Spellblade.

Attributes and stats[]

HP 1d6

Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Intelligence

Bonuses: Gains a +2 to Lore, Spellcraft, Concentration and Craft weapon.

Weapons: one handed bladed weapons only

Armor: Light only

Shields: None

Racial Limitations: Runetouched only.

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1850

Mana Points per level: 15 (+15 more per level)


Draw - The Spellblade absorbs mana from his/her desired foe. -1 TP per MP

Mana Leech - The Spellblade sinks his/her blade into the ground which restores 5 MP per round but gains a -5 to Dexterity bonuses and becomes an easy target for attackers. -Requires 10 Technique Points

Mana Shield - The Spellblade creates a thin barrier of energy which absorbs half of the damage from foes and transfers the damage to the MP. -Requires 5 Technique Points


  • 1st level spells. -5 MP to cast
  • 2nd level spells. -10 MP to cast
  • 3rd level spells. -20 MP to cast
  • 4th level spells. -40 MP to cast
  • 5th level spells -80 MP to cast