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A Runetouched Defender

Runetouched are Humans who were born with magic power that surpasses even that of the average Mage, making their skill in the arcane arts rival even that of gods and heroes of legend. But due to their destructive power, they are sometimes feared and shunned.


At first glance, a Runetouched looks no different from the average Human, but upon closer inspection their eyes glow with arcane energy and their bodies emanate an almost unnoticeable magic aura (aura and eye glow color depends on character's alignment). They average about the same height as a Human, varying from 5'4" - 6'5" ft. and weighing from 165 - 215 lbs.

Runetouch age and mature about the same as Humans, but live up to an average of 5,000 years, rivaling even that of the Elves.


Runetouched harness their natural arcane power to devastating effect, but unfortunately their magic can become unstable at times and is even capable of doing more harm than good.

Summary of Runetouched racial abilities:[]

  • -5xLVL damage and/or effectiveness taken from all magic.
  • +5 to save vs. all magic.
  • Arcane Devastation* (must make a save vs. spell failure for every spell being cast by the Runetouched)
  • Spellcrafter (can instantly detect any type of spell being cast)

Languages: Human and Runetongue. Depending on bonus to Intelligence, a Runetouched may learn that many new languages.

Arcane Power*: Becoming extremely adept at spellcasting and using their natural arcane prowess, Runetouched have become a force to be reckoned with. This ability can be improved every 4 levels.

  1. -1 to enemy saving throws vs all magic
  2. -2 to enemy saving throws vs all magic
  3. -3 to enemy saving throws vs all magic
  4. -4 to enemy saving throws vs all magic

MAX. -5 to enemy saving throws vs all magic

*can only be used if a spellcaster class.