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A Human Rogue

Rogues (also known as Thieves) are people who have trained themselves in the art of thievery and sneaking. Many different Rogues come from all manners of backgrounds. Cut throat Bandits, Bounty Hunters, Spies, Beggars, Burglars, Orphans and Vigilantes are all Rogues, but they come from different walks of life and cultures and are considered a major nuisance to many places on Aldrazar.


Rogues are the masters of stealth and pocket picking, relying heavily on their sharp wits and fast reflexes to get the job done. Although they arent very skilled in the field of combat unlike Fighters, Rogues prefer to stick to the tactic of hiding in the shadows until the precise moment to strike.

Despite being ill equipped for combat, a Rogue can still use basic bladed weapons, from the swift dagger to the deadly longsword. When a Rogue is forced to directly fight an enemy, they will often focus in dodging or parrying any attacks thrown at him/her giving the Fighter enough time to finish the foe off.

A Rogue's stealth is his/her most devastating weapon. Should a Rogue successfully move undetected, he/she will be able to deliver an almost deadly blow, heavily wounding their chosen enemy.

A Rogue's eyesight is also a handy tool, capable of spotting hidden areas, traps or even compartments giving the party a great advantage in secret passages and pitfalls as well as the occasional coinpurse hanging from someone's belt.

Attributes and Stats

HP: 1d6

Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Intelligence

Bonuses: Gains +2 to Bluff and +3 to Sneak, Pick Pocket/Sleight of Hand, Disarm Trap, Hide, Lockpick, Listen, Spot and Climb.

Weapons: Dagger, Short Sword, Longsword, Sling, L. Crossbow, Shortbow, Longbow, Dart, Club, Rapier, Hatchet.

Armor: Light only.

Shields: None.

Racial Limitations: Any.

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1,250


(Rogues may also learn certain Techniques that are available to Fighters)

Backstab (Passive ability) - If the Rogue successfully approaches his/her target without being spotted and strike with his/her melee weapon, the Rogue gains a +4 attack modifier and the damage is tripled (or Quadrupled if the Rogue is at 5th level). Rogues of 9th level or higher do quintuple damage and will continue to increase after every 4 levels. (Damage modifiers do not apply to this ability)

Tiger Blade - A 2d20 hit attack composed of a rising strike following a downward landing strike which both cause (weapon damage X character LVL per successful roll). -15 TP

Cheater - A natural AC attack in which the Rogue kicks dirt, sand or any type of ground material at the current target impairing their vision for up to 1d6+LVL Rounds. -12 TP

Cheap Shot - The Rogue performs a front kick to the groin of the enemy which stuns the target for 1d8+LVL rounds. -20 TP

Limit Breakers

Dagger Wall - The Rogue arms himself/herself with 5 daggers in each hand (Total: 10) and throws all of them at the desired enemy creating an incoming wall of daggers which all deal Xd4 damage depending on which daggers hit the target (if there is only one target, the foe takes 10d4 points of damage if the attack is successful). Anyone within 4ft. of the target are also vulnerable to the attack. (This attack gives the Rogue +5 to his/her current attack roll when using this Limit Breaker but can only be used if the Rogue has 10 or more daggers)