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Name: Robin Jones

Other Alias: The Avatar The Outlander
Age: 19
Race: Human
Height: 6'3 inches.
Birthdate: 1023AR
Birthplace: Faerun
Class: Fighter (Guardian)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Rem
Crush: Nicole Calensia, Rheyna


"Sometimes the hardest battle, is against yourself."

-Robin Jones

Robin Jones is the protagonist of the "Chronicles of Ragna" story line and overall the central plot point of the series.

The first Zarian to wield the Ragnarok, Robin is one of Aldrazar's most powerful warriors and is considered to be a legend across all of Garweeze. Robin traveled to the future to start a new life after the war on his planet killed his family leaving him with no home to go back to. He is also known to be the leader of The Iron Heroes.


A noble born in the Golden Kingdom's capital city Swordhaven, Robin is the son of the General of the kingdom's army and the priestess of Rem's church. His mother Justina died in childbirth and was raised together with his 5 year older brother Fredrik by their father Paterim Jones. Over the course of the years, Robin and his brother would spar with 2 sticks to teach themselves how to fight both dreaming of becoming adventurers when they came of age. The day before Robin's 13th birthday, Fredrik was kidnapped by a dragon and carried off to an unknown location. On Robin's 13th birthday, Robin came of age and was able to finally become an adventurer. Before he left, his father gave him a silver necklace with the symbol of Rem on the front of it. He was told that his mother made it for him and to give it to him when he came of age. After saying his goodbyes, he took the necklace and left.

Robin and his childhood friend Melissa.

6 years had passed and Robin still has not found his brother. What he did find however were clues to his whereabouts. Quickly he traveled even more across Aldrazar looking for clues, eventually his search brings him to an underground reservoir where a Half-Drow wearing a strange symbol ambushes him. With all his might and cunning, he fought against the Half-Drow and drove him away, only to hear him say, "I shall see you at the Sable Tower. If by chance we meet again there, I shall watch your mangled body tremble before me as I put a blade in your neck." Curious about his words and determined to find out who that man was, he sent out on another quest to find out more about this man. Robin traversed many lands in search of clues about the Half-Drow and his brother, going from one city to the next.

During one night to stop to rest for the night during his journey to Fort Curth answering their call to slay a Displacer Beast that had found its way in there, Robin hears the sound of a girl screaming only to see a young well dressed teenage girl running from a Manticore shouting, "Help me! Please someone help me!" With his mind racing, Robin immediately drew his longsword and slayed the beast. Robin asked the girl if she was alright and the girl hugged him tightly thanking him for saving her. Then she said, "How can I ever repay you stranger?" At first, Robin smirked thinking about the thought of sex, but Robin figured she had standards, as did he. He then asked her who she was and she responded saying, "I'm Lisa, my daddy owns a shop in a small town not far from Fort Curth, perhaps I can ask daddy to give you a discount there?" Robin liked the idea of saving some extra coins, he nodded his head and gave her a place to rest her head for the night. "Tomorrow we leave for Fort Curth, alright?" said Robin eying her as she lied in Robin's sleeping bag. After she fell asleep, Robin eyed the dead Manticore, unsheathed a small dagger and proceeded to skin the creature of its flesh. "Ugh! You stink!" said Robin as he was removing the flesh from the beast. The next day, Robin safely escorted Lisa back home and answered the call to the Fort. Drawing his sword, Robin went in after the beast and slayed it. After speaking to the village elder about info involving his brother and about the peculiar Half-Drow he met wearing the strange symbol, the Elder was of no help with news involving his brother, telling him he has never met the man, but knew of the symbol that Robin had shown the elder, stating that the man was part of the Black Cloak Syndicate. After hearing this news, Robin quickly embarked realizing the importance of finding this man and bringing him to justice.

Robin traveled the lands searching for clues on the Syndicate, going so far as to interrogate Blackguards and dark priests to get the information he needs. The many clues he uncovered eventually led him to an undisclosed location in Avelice beneath the very ground of Black Fields. There he confronted the very same Half-Drow he met in the reservoir. A fight ensued quickly, swords clashed and shields bashed. Robin managed to overcome his opponent and slayed him where he stood. He then heard the clapping of a man in the shadows and immediately turned towards him. The man stepped out revealing himself to be The Shadow.

"Bravo swordsman, bravo." He said. "You've done a great deal to uncovering one of my many hideouts."

Robin raised a brow at him. "One of them?! What are you saying?!"

"Oh please my friend, you didn't think that we would be a petty thieves guild did you? No, we are far more than that. We shall amass an army far greater than you can imagine!"

"But why?! Why are you doing this?!"

"Don't you get it?! As long as there are differences, we will do nothing but tear ourselves apart fighting each other! Only we can show the world the error of their ways!"

"By murdering innocent souls?!"

"It is the only way! If they do not believe in the path to the new and true world, then why should we let them live?!"

"I wont let you do this! It ends here and now!" Robin charges at the man with his sword ready. only to see him disappear in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind an echoing maniacal laugh. "I will find you! I will!"

4 years later, Robin comes across the Sable Tower. Remembering the masked man, he approaches the gates of the Sable Tower and shouts, "I demand an audience with whoever rules this tower! Let me enter!" Robin waited for an answer but instead saw the doors open up and he stepped inside. Robin made his way to the top of the tower and met the ruler of the tower face to face. "I am Deimos, Arch Lich of the Sable Tower, you seek an audience with me mortal?" Robin spoke. "Yes, I do. I am looking for information regarding my brother, can you help me?" The Lich laughed evilly at his remark. "Me?! Help a small whelp like you?! Dont make me laugh! What I'll help you with, is your death! With you added to my soldiers of the dead, I shall become closer to my goal to conquer the planet!" The Lich laughed evilly before engaging in combat with Robin. Robin did all he can to outsmart the undead arch mage, but his power was too great and Robin was defeated. Before the final blow was struck, suddenly Robin's brother saves him in the nick of time. Together the two defeat the Arch Lich and destroy his evil reign. Afterwords, the two looked around for the Lich's Phylactery to destroy it. Robin finds it located inside the Lich's robes and opens it to see whats inside. He finds nothing but a small parchment with a riddle on it reading:

"I am stronger than armies,

I am stronger than kings,

I am stronger than Gods,

I am bounded by rings,

I have lived through wars,

I am also the kindler of hate,

I have only one name,

What is my name given by fate?"

Robin spent a good long hour thinking before hearing his brother give the answer.


Right as he says the word, the Lich's throne moves revealing a secret passageway. Robin looked at his brother. "How did you know that?" His brother was quick to respond. "Past experience, a friend of mine was a victim to it before she betrayed me, I'll tell you later Rob."

Cautiously, the two go inside to find out what lies within. The tunnel stops at a door. With a trembling hand, Robin opens the door into a small room with nothing but a pedestal with a rune encrusted stone on it. Out of curiosity, Robin touches the stone only to have his hands latch on to it. Suddenly images of war, death, blood, massacre, unimaginable evil goes through his mind. As soon as the images stop, the stone explodes, knocking him out unconscious.

Robin wakes up in a bed accompanied by his brother. Robin tries to stand up, but is suddenly weakened by exhaustion and lies back down. Fredrik speaks. "You had me worried there Robin, are you alright?" Robin responded saying, "Yeah, I'm fine, just a bit shaken. Strange though, I saw some sort of vision when I touched that stone. I'm fine though, just need some rest." Robin laid back down before closing his eyes to go back to sleep.

Later on, it occurred to him that he had found the Philosopher's stone and that it was trying to tell him something. Determined to find answers, he sets out to find a Sage that can help decipher the message embedded into his head. Eventually, he comes across Merlin of Camelot who tells him that hes just seen a vision of the future. Robin felt worried and asked what he must do. The Sage told him he must seek out the Ragnarok and use its power to stop this unspeakable evil.

3 years later during his search, Robin meets a young and beautiful woman named Nicole Calensia . The two then became friends, then close friends and eventually became married and had a child together they named Albus Jones.

9 years later, Robin and Nicole find the gateway to the Realm of Creation, unfortunately it is blocked by a magical barrier telling him he must prove himself worthy to wield the sword.

Over the course of 8 years, Robin finishes trial after trial becoming closer to wielding the Ragnarok. Eventually, Robin finishes the trials at the age of 40. Returning to the portal, it then tells him he has proven himself worthy to wield it and grants him entrance into the realm. Stepping through the portal, Robin finds himself in a blue dimly lit up room made of cobblestone with an altar in the very center where the Ragnarok lies there. With trembling hands, Robin reaches for the hilt of the sword. Right as his hand comes in contact with it, a symbol appears on his palm looking like the infinity symbol with a slash going through the center. It was at that moment, Robin became the first mortal to wield the Ragnarok.

Robin then decided he needed to gather the most fierce warriors in the land, Robin then sent out on a quest to gather people to create an alliance of warriors and mages that would eventually be known at The Gauntlet.

5 years later, Robin's visions he had seen from the stone came true, for after helping the Dragoons end the Dragon wars, Saras tells them it was for a greater purpose. He planned for there to be another Final war in hopes of the Dark Gods winning this time. After finding out the shocking truth, together Robin and the Gauntlet raised their weapons and with all their might defeated the Dark gods once and for all.

Unfortunately, the war came at a heavy price, for Robin's family had lost their lives to defend the planet. Paterim, Fredrik, even Nicole. Now realizing he has no home to go back to, he decided to take his own life only to realize that he can start anew with the Ragnarok's power. After saying his goodbyes, Robin opened up a portal in time and stepped through, not appearing for the next 3000 years.

Thus ends The Chronicles of Ragna.

Current life

Robin standing in the Plane of Legends paying his respects to the warriors who gave their lives to save humanity from complete annihilation.

Robin currently lives his life exploring the stars and planets with his resurrected wife Nicole Calensia. He even visits Terrahypt from time to time to visit Rhea after having gained the trust of the Locusts.


Before the war, Robin was the kind of guy you would love to like. His goofy sense of humor, his sweet words, even his determination was enough to make men envy him and women to want him. However, all that changed when Robin's family died. His personality became more serious and less goofy, he focused more on his duties than he did before.

However, Robin regained his confidence ever since he met Rhea after having crashed on Terrahypt, thus making him enjoy the good sides of life once more, singing, dancing and even cooking. However, he stopped flirting with other women knowing that the only one who "fits the missing piece of the puzzle" is Rhea.

Sex life

Over the course of years during his travels, Robin has made love to many women across both Aldrazar and the universe. Below is an arranged list of the women.

After Reckoning time: His time on Aldrazar

Melissa Renard: A childhood friend who was a big impact on his life. (popped his cherry)


Nicole Calensia

Spider queen Aracnia: a Drow queen from the Underdark

Anisha Crimsontail: A Draconian barmaid

Danila Smalltusk: A Half-orc general store owner that looked alarmingly beautiful, which in sometimes very common on Aldrazar.

(In a nutshell, hes screwed alot of women)

Utopian Genesis time: His time off of Aldrazar

Robin during the time he was consumed by the G.E.R.M. and fell under the control of Pollux.

Pollux: Was possessed by the G.E.R.M. days later after physical contact.

Rheyna (^Reborn)

^Robin regained his confidence

Attire and armor

Over the course of his journeys, Robin has worn many outfits and suits of protective gear. Robin then decided to create his own personal wardrobe of all the clothing and armor hes worn in the past.

(see also: Robin's attire)