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Name: Rheyna

Nickname: Rhea
Age: Unknown (is assumed to be over 1000 years old)
Race: Terrahyptian
Height: 5'4 inches.
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Loucreas
Class: Gunner
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: None
Crush: Robin Jones, Byron

Rheyna is a Terrahyptian musician from Loucreas, a dancer and an engineer. Rheyna was once a pirate of the Obsyas Cartel until she met up with the locusts. Rheyna is not a girl that is very skilled in close combat, but her skill in handguns are of professional level. She is sometimes pretty lazy and likes to relax by the television. She is optimistic, mature and does not like abusing the good values in her life by going out to party all day but rather spends her time wisely like scheduling times to hang out with Robin (sadly she is unable to do this with Byron due to his illness).

Personal life

Rheyna is pretty greedy when it comes to stuffing herself. It is a great feeling to her when she has stuffed her belly with a big dinner and rub it while relaxing on a couch. Unfortunately this also leads to her loud and obnoxious bathroom breaks after eating which can be heard all around Terrahypt sometimes.

Meeting Robin

Rheyna met Robin after saving his life from bleeding to death from the Ragnarok crashing on Terrahypt in the Aldrazar year 2995UG. After his recovery, Robin had no choice but to stay on Terrahypt until his ship was repaired completely, giving her and him enough time to get to know each other more. Eventually, Rheyna began to have feelings for him and wished to express her feelings she felt towards him, but she was never able to until Robin himself told her he had feelings for her too and wished to be with her forever.

Ever since then, Robin and Rheyna never left each other's side.

Personal Note: This character was originally made by Wikia user Dutvutan. All credit for original concept goes to said user.