Remiel Gladriem

Name: Remiel Gladriem

Age: Unknown
Race: Immortal
Height: 5'9 Inches
Birthdate: 200,000BR
Birthplace: Aldrazar
Class: Military leader of the Numenorians
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Ragna
Crush: none

Remiel Gladriem is the brother of Haldrius Gladriem and Ranatosk Gladriem and one of the last of the immortals. During the time of isolation after Tella left to the planet Telara, he was put in charge as commander of the Imperial phoenix's army on Aldrazar.

During the final wars, he led his army to victory against the dark forces that threatened the planet. Unfortunately, he, Haldrius and the rest of the Numenorians on Aldrazar were wiped out, making everyone on Aldrazar believe that the Numenorians were extinct.

Not much else is known about him beyond that.