This is just a simple list of the music i use in my D&D campaign to go along with the stuff going on as well as some bonus stuff for the actual story.

Chronicles of Ragna

  1. Realms of Ragna (Main theme)
  2. Chosen by History (Character Creation)
  3. So it begins(Prelude theme)
  4. Your story(Character backstory theme)
  5. The path ahead(World map)
  6. Poseidon's domain(Sea travel)
  7. A mug of ale in hand
  8. Warmth of the Gods(Temple)
  9. Brothers in arms (Guild theme)
  10. Encounter! (Hero fight theme)
  11. Obstacle(Villain fight theme)
  12. We are Victorious!(Hero Victory theme)
  13. Pathetic(Villain Victory theme)
  14. The clock is ticking! (timed puzzle theme)
  15. Champions (Colosseum theme)
  16. Let the games begin!(Colosseum battle theme)
  17. Draconic Chant(Level up theme)
  18. Engraved into History(Reached Epic Level/Level 20)
  19. They were never heard from again (game over)
  20. A job well done (Quest complete!)
  21. Eye of the Lich (Sons of Vecna member fight theme)
  22. Blood Water (Ocean battle theme)
  23. Destinies intertwined(Hero vs Villain theme)
  24. Is there no other way? (Special battle theme)
  25. A clash of katanas (Orien battle theme)
  26. Sandstorm (Talinor battle theme)
  27. Scaly threat (vs Dragon/Dragoon)
  28. Dark Legion (vs Black Legion soldiers)
  29. Formidable(Boss fight theme)
  30. Legendary(Special Boss fight theme)
  31. Destiny(Theme of Robin Jones)
  32. Champion of the gods(Theme of Fredrik Jones)
  33. Phoenix Valor(Theme of Ranatosk)
  34. Battle Beauty(Theme of Nicole Calensia)
  35. Valkyrie(Theme of Diala Jones)
  36. Persistence(Theme of Guy Elron)
  37. Eastern Warrior (Theme of Taran DuneWalker)
  38. Wrath of the Bloodfire(Theme of Grognar Bloodfire)
  39. Black Vengeance(Theme of Lars Landred)
  40. Might and Magic (Theme of The Warriors Four)
  41. Dead men tell no tales (Theme of Smiling Jack)
  42. Bitter Truth
  43. Relics of the Old(Numenorian ruins theme)
  44. Flight of the Dragoons(Flight theme)
  45. Beneath the Black Cloak(vs The Shadow)
  46. Gaze of the Eye(vs Drakel)
  47. Into the mines(mine cart theme)
  48. Abducted (Zerg ship theme)
  49. Invasion (vs Zerg soldier)
  50. Out of the mist (discover Ravenloft)
  51. Imposter!(vs Doppleganger)
  52. Juggernaut(vs Tahd's bodyguard)
  53. Caretaker of Darkness (vs Tahd's Headmistress)
  54. Lust(vs Lilith)
  55. Abyssal Maelstrom (vs Abyssal Mermaid)
  56. Chosen one(Vashyron bloodline theme)
  57. Blood Ties(Strahd Von Zarovich theme)
  58. Black Hands(vs Tahd's Dark Bishop)
  59. Face me mortal! (vs Death)
  60. Your time has come! (Death 2nd form)
  61. Stage Clear!
  62. Curse of Darkness (vs Tahd Vladne'er)
  63. Curse of Darkness part 2(vs Demon Tahd)
  64. Consumed Darkness(vs True Tahd)
  65. Downfall(Defeat of Tahd Vladne'er)
  66. Hand in hand(Robin and Nicole's love theme)
  67. Blade of Legends(Theme of the Ragnarok/Avatar)
  68. For Glory! (Theme of The Iron Heroes)
  69. Swords of scales (Guy Elron vs Tiamat)
  70. Mad God (Guy Elron vs Nidhoggr)
  71. For Aldrazar!(Final Wars theme)
  72. All is lost(Death of Ranatosk)
  73. It ends here(vs Argilion)
  74. Utopia(Epilogue)
  75. This is goodbye(Ending theme)

Untold tale of the Dragon King

  1. The Last Hero (Main theme)
  2. Undone by Darkness (prologue)
  3. Persistence (Theme of Guy Elron)
  4. Broken (starting area)
  5. A moment's respite (Haven theme)
  6. Dark days (travel theme)
  7. Unknown (Area theme 1)
  8. Deep unknown (Area theme 2)
  9. Vast unknown (Area theme 3)
  10. Flight of the Dragoons (Flight theme)
  11. Plagued by Darkness
  12. Dark Legion (vs Plague Legion)
  13. Dividing line (Battle theme)
  14. The gods are calling out (Near death theme)
  15. Extinguish the fires of hope (Game over)
  16. Through the mists of time (Time travel/Time period selection theme)
  17. Heroes reborn (Past theme)
  18. The Darkness comes (Past fight theme)
  19. Thrall of the Plague (Past boss theme)
  20. Ironskin (Theme of Orin Ironskin)
  21. Iron and Ivory Scales (vs Trenamex)
  22. Towards the heavens (Dark Tower theme)
  23. Plague Emperor (vs Lars Landred)
  24. Scourge of the Universe (vs Consumed Lars Landred)

The Universe Chronicles

  1. Stars (Main theme)
  2. Destined (Theme of Albus Jones)
  3. Renowned (Theme of Tandem the Spoony)
  4. Nimble (Theme of Draq Gudren)

Chronicles of the Avatar (Episode 1)

  1. The Journey continues(main theme)
  2. Star of Destiny(Character Creation)
  3. The start of something big(Prelude)
  4. Pioneer 2
  5. Fight!(Battle theme)
  6. Arm thyself!(Boss Battle theme)
  7. Hurrah!(Victory theme)
  8. C.A.R.D.Wars
  9. Heaven Striker(Theme of Hatsodoom)
  10. Call of the Ancient ones
  11. Call of the Unholy ones
  12. Eternal oblivion(vs Dark Falz)
  13. Eternal Redemption(vs True Dark Falz)
  14. Blind Vengence(Hatsodoom vs Corrupted Robin Jones)
  15. All good things(Epilogue)

Chronicles of the Avatar (Episode 2)

  1. The voyage continues!(Main theme)
  2. Heroes of a new age(Character Creation)
  3. Space Haven (GUARDIAN's colony)
  4. Invasion
  5. Into the green
  6. Field of wonders
  7. A new discovery
  8. Dark Legion (vs Plague Legion soldiers)
  9. The Purge (vs Lars Landred)
  10. Until we meet again(Ending theme)

Legacy of the Outlander

  1. The Outlander(main theme)
  2. His story begins here (Prelude)
  3. Brace for impact!
  4. Out of the rubble
  5. Awaken
  6. Brave new world
  7. You are the Avatar
  8. Project Icarus
  9. Triad(Theme of Gemini Genesis Gamma)
  10. Fate(Theme of Robin Jones)
  11. Reborn
  12. We are one
  13. The Terran among us(Robin vs Nathan)
  14. Cometitive(BlasterBall theme)
  15. Road Warriors (Theme of Guro Az)
  16. Dune War (Robin vs Dune Pirates)
  17. Prism Force (Theme of The Gunstar Heroes)
  18. Uprising
  19. RESIST!!!(Terrahypt Resistance theme)
  20. CONTROL!!!(Cyrathesian theme)
  21. Boot Camp
  22. First Strike
  23. Archium Patriot(Richter's theme)
  24. Archium Warlord(Arklight's theme)
  25. Inner demons(Theme of Elvyron)
  26. Drop the beat! (Theme of YONO)
  27. Dark Seed(Birth of TargRobis)
  28. Darksider(Theme of TargRobis)
  29. The Ragnarok(Theme of The Ship)
  30. Tears of the gods(Anthem of Aldrazar)
  31. I fight for my past(Robin vs TargRobis)
  32. Warforged Assassin(Theme of Lazolus)
  33. March of the Astrals
  34. Infiltrator (Theme of The Sanctuary)
  35. "I...must.....succeed!"
  36. Patriot (Richter's death theme)
  37. Corrupted Data (Robin vs Lazolus)
  38. Terminated(Lazolus' death theme)
  39. The war ends here(Robin vs Arklight)
  40. Ancients(Theme of the Celtions)
  41. Godborn(Theme of the Astralians)
  42. Freedom(Richter's funeral theme)
  43. The end is near
  44. A Clash of Swords(Robin vs Ruchalus theme)
  45. Warden(Theme of The Fissure)
  47. Back in the fray(Suit theme)
  48. Watch your back
  49. Here they come!(vs IDOLA)
  50. Deception
  51. The Last body(vs Dark Falz)
  52. Sacrifice
  53. I will return(Robin's departure/Epilogue)
  54. The Outlander's Legacy(Ending theme)

Chronicles of the Avatar (Episode 3)

  1. Towards The Future (main theme)
  2. Heroes of a new Generation (character creation)
  3. New age, new story (Prelude)
  4. Run!
  5. Another soul (Theme of Marcus the Pure)
  6. Battle of Fate (Fight theme)
  7. Celestial Striker (theme of Hatsodoom)
  8. Last Flight of the Ragnarok
  9. Forgotten (Surface of Rykros)
  10. Dark Legion (vs Plague Legion soldiers)
  11. The Plague (vs Lars Landred)
  12. End of days (Robin vs The Profound Darkness)
  13. He died for us (Epilogue)
  14. Eternal Legend (Ending theme)

The Astral Millennium

  1. Millennium (Main theme)
  2. Clanfather(Theme of Astralius)
  3. The specimen is loose!
  4. Young patriarch
  5. Archium bond (Astralius and Azura's love theme)
  6. Celestial Sage (Theme of Gabriel)
  7. Elegant winds (Theme of Rift)
  8. Black Angel (Theme of Lucius)
  9. Wings of Helios (Theme of Veltrex)
  10. Burning Hatred (Theme of Magmaul)
  11. Neptune (Theme of Maelstrom)
  12. Stormy skies (Theme of Demm)
  13. Rock fist (Theme of Spire)
  14. Bewitched (Theme of Aphodite)
  15. Will (Theme of Maximus)
  16. Spiritual (Theme of Renmatoon)
  17. Blind (Theme of Yamiru)
  18. Simple (Theme of Ruben)
  19. Motherland (Theme of Nero the Buster)
  20. Ultimatum (Theme of The Ultima Three)
  21. Dynamic Duo(Theme of Brock n' Mittei)
  22. To the rescue!(Brock n' Mittei fight theme)
  23. Omnipotent(Theme of Aeon)
  24. Fallen Angel(Theme of Lazarus)
  25. Cyralich (Theme of Nalgus)
  26. Astral(Theme of the Astrals)
  27. Sentient soul (Theme of the Archians)
  28. Fists of fate (Theme of the Planeswalkers)
  29. The Maternal Bond
  30. Hymns of the Gods (Theme of The Golden Fayth)
  31. Firstborn (Theme of The Elder One)
  32. The Twins(Theme of Kain and Able)
  33. Tears of Icarus
  34. Guilt
  35. Flight of the Astrals
  36. War for the heavens
  37. They awaken
  38. Unholy constructs (vs Aeon Sentinels)
  39. Wrath of Icarus
  40. Redemption(Astralius vs Lucius)
  41. War of the Gods (Astralius vs Lazarus)
  42. Spiritual bond (Astralius and Egnia's love theme)
  43. Retribution (Astralius vs Aeon)
  44. The promised land(Ending)

The Eden Saga

  1. Terra(main theme)
  2. Child of Eden(Theme of Nathan Caudill)
  3. Revelations(Introduction)
  4. Revolution(Prelude)
  5. Daedalus Strike(Orbital drop)
  6. Galactic Dystopia
  7. Mnemonic (Hacking theme)
  8. Intruder!
  9. Hot Pursuit ( TPD chase theme)
  10. Haven (Nathan's apartment)
  11. Torchlight in the Darkness (Eden Alliance HQ theme)
  12. Corrupt(Terran Union theme)
  13. Maiden of War(Jenalda's theme)
  14. Hot stuff! (Cera Bryant's theme)
  15. Flashy (Nia's theme)
  16. Pure innocence(Theme of Delphie)
  17. The Pursuit of Happiness
  18. Eden force go! (Theme of The Companions)
  19. Renegade City (Theme of Caycreas)
  20. Convict (vs MevNav soldiers)
  21. Public enemy (vs TPD)
  22. Brute (Nathan vs Ghuulbachar theme)
  23. Battle and Chase(Nathan vs Anzac Gangsters)
  24. Take a seat (Club Underworld theme)
  25. We rise(Eden Alliance theme)
  26. Strategic
  27. Lets rock!
  28. Militia
  29. Take to the Heavens(Theme of The Ouroboros)
  30. Terran assault
  31. Mission Complete!
  32. The Ancient Past(Theme of The Edenians)
  33. We are many (Theme of the Arcanon)
  34. Not so different (Nathan vs TargRobis)
  35. The Demon inside(Theme of Insanity)
  36. Angels vs Demons (Nathan vs Insanity)
  37. Family ties
  38. Vengeance
  39. Vigilante(vs Police forces)
  40. Secrets(vs Terran Union soldiers)
  41. Rebellion (vs Golem)
  42. Psycho(vs Cyrathesian Ravager)
  43. Colossus (vs Cyrathesian Dreadnought)
  44. Black Wasp (vs Cyrathesian Matriarch)
  45. Bloodthirsty (Insanity vs Yamiru)
  46. Bloodrage (vs Guardian)
  47. The fog lives (Dark Keigan theme)
  48. I smell your fear (Peuknak lurking theme)
  49. I see you (Peuknak chase theme)
  50. Gennaios (The Y lurking theme)
  51. Treximo (The Y confrontation theme)
  52. Scent (Oozugah lurking theme)
  53. Hunger (Oozugah chase theme)
  54. Shrouded (Gurroth lurking theme)
  55. Emergence (Gurroth chase theme)
  56. Rivals (vs SYRSA)
  57. I know my Purpose
  58. Motherboard(Theme of The Nexus Core)
  59. We end this!(vs Omega True)
  60. Martyr(Sad/Sacrifice ending theme)
  61. Its over(General ending theme)
  62. Genesis (Alternate Ending: Merge with Nexus Core)
  63. A future for all (Good ending theme)
  64. Your memory shall live on (Epilogue)

The legacy will never die (The End)

Tell me another story (and the adventure continues*)


  1. Will (Main theme)
  2. Legacy (Introduction theme)
  3. Hero (Character Creation)
  4. Eden (Terran Alliance theme)
  5. Immortal (Telaran Empire theme)
  6. Beautiful (Terrahypt State theme)
  7. Vigilant (Zarian Kingdoms theme)
  8. Ruthless (Zerg Republic theme)
  9. United (Illithid Matriarchy theme)
  10. Legion (Ingress Collective theme)
  11. Dragon Star (Draconic Monarchy theme)
  12. Comfort (Character quarters theme)
  13. Selection (Shop theme)
  14. Common ground (Guild theme)
  15. Boundless (Space map/exploration theme)
  16. Derelict (Space mission theme)
  17. Squadron (Space combat theme)
  18. Engage! (Independent combat theme)
  19. Move out (Terran Alliance mission theme)
  20. Assault (Terran Alliance battle theme)
  21. Rebellion (Terran Alliance boss theme)
  22. Adventure (Zarian Kingdoms mission theme)
  23. War horn (Zarian Kingdoms battle theme)
  24. Formidable (Zarian Kingdoms boss theme)
  25. Open fire! (Terrahypt State battle theme)
  26. Artillery (Terrahypt State boss theme)
  27. Tracking (Draconic Monarchy mission theme)
  28. Draconic (Draconic Monarchy battle theme)
  29. Blooded (Draconic Monarchy boss theme)
  30. Invasion (Zerg Republic battle theme)
  31. Xeno (Zerg Republic boss theme)
  32. Metronome (Illithid Matriarchy mission theme)
  33. Subconscious (Illithid Matriarchy battle theme)
  34. Mastermind (Illithid Matriarchy boss theme)
  35. Mobile (Ingress Collective mission theme)
  36. Virus (Ingress Collective battle theme)
  37. System purge (Ingress Collective boss theme)
  38. Heathen (Children of Targnil battle theme)
  39. Imprisoned (Children of Targnil boss theme)
  40. Covert (Special mission theme)
  41. Exterminate (vs Exterminators)
  42. Eradicate (Exterminators boss theme)
  43. Primordial (Elder One battle theme)
  44. Swarm
  45. Pit of War (PvP theme)
  46. Microchip (Theme of Gortex)
  47. Premonition (Theme of Wrenn)
  48. Pandemonium (Theme of Mir)
  49. Darkhium (Theme of Starthoss)
  50. Beyond