Ragnarok Ship

Robin's space cruiser The Ragnarok named after the sword of legend.

The Ragnarok is a custom made class S one man battlecruiser created by the Atlas corporation specifically made for Robin Jones of Aldrazar. The ship is made out of multiple highly durable metals, ranging from Steel to Celsius.

The main reactor is powered entirely by mana from the Yggdrasil tree located on Aldrazar. The ship is also armed with multiple ion cannons, seeker missile launchers and decoy deployers which are all used to fend off against space pirates and raiders.

The ship's hull is covered by magical shields that protect it from turret blasts and drifting debris. Should the shield diminish, the hull is self repairing, creating more metal layering to keep the integrity of the hull in place.

The ship crash landed on Terrahypt causing pieces of the ship to fall into the hands of Terrahyptians thus causing them to discover new metals to use, unaware of the metals not being of Terrahypt.

Due to the extremely volatile mana energy that powers the core, the ship took an average of over 30 years to complete before it was ready to take flight.