The Ragnarok.

Other Aliases: The Eternal Sword, The Sword of Creation, The Creator Blade, The God Slayer, The God Sword.
Given names: The Maker, Ragna the everlasting, Ragna the eternal, Ragna the omnipotent, Ao the overgod, Eru Illuvatar.

"Even the greatest Sages of Aldrazar know that whoever shall wield such a blade shall have a long journey ahead of them, both in the realms and beyond.

But that's a tale for another time..." -Dungeon Master's closing narration in Chronicles of Ragna.

The Ragnarok is the sword that created the universe that exists today. The blade has no beginning, nor has it any end. The blade has existed even before the universe itself came to be. The metal the blade is made out of is unknown as well as who made it. Some say the Ragnarok crafted itself.

The sword is worshiped by many people across Aldrazar and was given the name "The Maker."

The sword lies dormant in a realm simply known as "The Source."