Pollux attack

Name: Pollux

Other Alias: The Great Shadow
Age: Best estimate - 5 (True age unknown)
Height: 5' 8"
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: None (was created by Dark Falz/Falzara)
Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity: Falzara
Crush: None

Pollux (also known as The Great Shadow) is a demonic-like entity that resided on Ragol and Prioneer 2, places Robin Jones visited during the 41st age.


Originally a spawn of Dark Falz/Falzara, the goddess of destruction and madness, meant to bring about her revival after her defeat at the hands of Hatsodoom was one of the two sources of the G.E.R.M. Unlike her sister Castor, she sought to conquor all that stood before her. However her plans were stopped by the same person who destroyed her creator, Hatsodoom. However this would not be the end of Pollux.

Chronicles of the Avatar involvementEdit

Some time after Robin Jones arrived on Pioneer 2, Pollux resurfaced. She still sought out her old intentions, but knew she could not do so as long as Hatsodoom lived. She first encountered Robin Jones after he met Hatsodoom, knowing he was not of this world. Thinking she could use his power, she devised a plan to take control of him whilst constantly assaulting Hatsodoom, Robin and their friends with countless schemes to hide her true intentions.

She begun her plans by giving herself the ability to transform into a Newman female, in order to get close to Robin without him knowing. She then orchestrated a series of events that caused Hatsodoom and Robin to separate, so she could get him alone. Slowly she started to seduce Robin until he fell in love with her. Soon enough they made love, and the physical contact corrupted Robin Jones and Pollux had finally obtained complete control over him.

Soon enough Pollux lured Hatsodoom into a trap using Robin and the two started to fight. Hatsodoom fought back but restrained himself from killing Robin while he on the other hand attacked with full intention to kill. However over the course of the battle, The Ragnarok started to free Robin from Pollux's control. However the G.E.R.M. fought back, holding back the purification. However Robin invisioned Nicole within his mind and regained control of himself.

"You no longer control me."

Robin proceeded to finish her off with the Ragnarok, killing Pollux and all traces of the G.E.R.M. once and for all. A short time later Robin knew it was his time to leave and he bid farewell to Ragol, Pioneer 2, Hatsodoom and his friends before he set back off into the stars. As of now Pollux is believed to be truly dead, but can one really slay the spawn of a goddess of madness?

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