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Omega was originally an AI created by the Terran Union as a means of helping them with many tasks, ranging from supply consumption calculations to weaponry construction.

Over the years, Omega became a great asset to the Terran Union, giving it full control of all areas of management. Unfortunately it began to show signs of self awareness and free will. The Union began to notice this and planned to delete it, but were overpowered by its ability to fully control the security and military systems. Soon it had the power to take over the entire Terran Union and (due to its still ongoing command program to help the Union in their goal for intergalactic conquest) seize control of the cosmos.

After a few years, Omega was eventually accepted as the leader of the Union, allowing for a more strategic approach for intergalactic conquest.

Due to their agreement, both the union and the AI created a central port for its base of operations known as The NEXUS which still stands on Terra as the central powering unit for all of Terra's technology.