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The Numenorians (true name: Nephilim) are a race of humanoids whom the Zarian Kingdoms once referred to as the Ancients. They originated from the planet Telara, a celestial body located at the center of the milky way galaxy.

Origin, age and technology

The Numenorians over the ages grew into a highly advanced empire, becoming advanced far beyond what Terra is capable of to this day. The average Numenorian can live up to 10,000 years, being one of the longest living beings in the known realms.

Numenorian space travel has become advanced enough to be able to reach other baelars beyond Encydros.


Numenorian physiology is similar to that of Humans and Elves, having similar organs and body functions, but supporting a gland in their cerebral cortex that produces an endless supply of mana which allows them to use their natural magic power which they used to keep the planet alive. Now they use it for protecting themselves against evil ever since the first war of the Ancients began.

Final wars

The Numenorians on Aldrazar were wiped out during the final wars, but outside of Garweeze they inhabit other planets and star systems, they even live among us on Terra, living every day lives without us noticing.

The last of the immortals is Tella.

Abilities (Ragna)


  • Spellcasting time decreased by 25% (only if the character's class is a Zealot, Scribe or Vanguard)
  • +2 to Wisdom and Intelligence
  • -5 natural AC vs Synthetics due to inexperience with robotics (multiplied by synthetic's level)
  • Spellcrafter (can instantly detect any type of spell being cast)

Languages: Human, Nephilim and Runespeak. Three additional languages can be learned before requiring bonus to intelligence to learn more languages.

Arcane Power: The Nephilim are the true masters of the arcane arts, becoming extremely adept at spellcasting and protection from spellcasters due to their natural immunities. This ability can be improved every 4 levels.

  1. -1 to enemy saving throws vs all magic/+1 saving throws vs all enemy magic
  2. -2 to enemy saving throws vs all magic/+2 saving throws vs all enemy magic
  3. -3 to enemy saving throws vs all magic/+3 saving throws vs all enemy magic
  4. -4 to enemy saving throws vs all magic/+4 saving throws vs all enemy magic

MAX. -5 to enemy saving throws vs all magic/+5 saving throws vs all enemy magic