Numenoria is an ancient Numenorian city and is the last standing remanants of the Numenorian empire on Aldrazar. The entire city is held up using both the means of science and magic by creating multiple powerful currents which keep it afloat and steady in the sky.

The city is also guarded by the same exact type of magic and machines by enveloping the city in a massive air bubble which prevents people from coming in and to prevent those that leave from returning.

The city is also divided into 4 sectors.


Sector 1: Living quarters

This sector contains multiple houses and homes alike. It is the main area where people sleep and live.

Sector 2: Farming and maretplace

This sector contains many markets and farms which supply people with the proper equipment and food to survive.

Sector 3: Education

This sector contains mainly schools and universities.

Sector 4: Government

This sector is located at the center of the city and is the home of the Immortals who eternally rule over the city.

Present day

The city still remains but has been moved down to the surface of the planet for both the Numenorian's sons to inhabit it and to study the Numenorians.