The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Nicole Calensia
Age: unknown (looks 16)
Race: Runetouched
Height: 5'8 inches.
Birthdate: unknown - 1070 AR
Birthplace: Faerun
Class: Spellblade
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: None
Crush: Robin Jones

Nicole Calensia is the wife of Robin Jones and the mother of Albus Jones. She fought along side Robin during the Final Wars only to be killed by Argilion.


Nicole grew up in a home without a mother and was raised by a drunk father who beat her constantly. Often she would try to hide from her father and pray to the gods that her mother would come home. During that time, she met a man who was skilled in the art of both sword and spell and wished to be trained under him. In the end when she came of age, she mastered the ways of the Spellblade and left home and told her father she hopes the hells take him for the way she was treated by him. She then left and her father never saw her again.

During her travels, she decided to help out the poor and needy by donating some of the treasure she obtained to charity; so after many hard days of beast slaying and treasure hunting, many homeless men, women and children had homes again. One day after exhausting herself, she decided to have some R&R and bought herself a cup of fine ale, only to be approached by multiple brutish, burly and rude men who continually hit on her as she sat there. "Don't you men have anything better to do than hit on random women?" She said angrily at the men.

At the other end of the room, Robin heard the commotion and walked over to investigate. "Is there a problem?" he said to the group. Nicole stood up and spoke; "I'm just trying to have a nice cup of ale here and these men wont leave me alone." Robin looked to the men and decided to teach them a lesson. "Well then sirs would you please leave the lovely woman alone?" he said with a smile on his face. One of the men looked him straight in the eyes and said; "Son, I think its about time we taught you a lesson or two about whelps who don't learn to mind their own business." The man began to crack his knuckles and approach Robin. Robin did nothing but smile at him until the man threw a punch which he ducked under and quickly subdued the man by taking a shot at the man's crotch causing him to fall to the floor in agony. Robin then eyed the others and asked if they wanted the same thing their friend got. One of the men charged him but was subdued the same way the other man was. Once the men realized that they too would suffer the same consequences, they immediately departed taking the other men with them.

Robin approached Nicole and asked if she was alright. Nicole blushed a bit and nodded her head yes before thanking him. Robin then asked for her name and she politely told him. After a while, they began to have a conversation together and eventually became friends. They then adventured together after that, slaying beasts and evil warriors and thieves alike.

Over the course of 2 years, she began to develop feelings for him, as did Robin. Eventually Robin proposed to her and she gladly accepted. Robin and her later on had a son together and they both named him Albus.

Years later when Robin sent out on a quest for the Ragnarok, Nicole tagged along to aid him in his quest to save Aldrazar. In the end they succeeded in obtaining the sword and they both prepared for the war that was to come which was later known as The Final Wars.

Unfortunately during the war, Nicole was killed by Argilion and was later placed in the Plane of Legends along with the others who died during the final wars, carving out her existence in legend as one of the greatest heroes of Aldrazar.