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Name: Nathan Caudill

Other Alias: Child of Eden, The Martyr, Paragon of Humanity, Nathanel the Tormented
Age: 24 (year 3017UG)
Race: Terran
Height: 5'11
Birthdate: 2993UG
Birthplace: Terra
Class: Gunslinger
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron deity: Believes it to be Tabu to speak his name.
Crush: Unknown


"I used to know what tomorrow would be like, before the union split the world in two."

The founder of the Eden Alliance and one of the only Terrans that has seen what lies beyond the Milky way galaxy during the 31st age. Having been abducted by the Telarans, he was forced to live on planet Eden to escape the chaos that was spreading across Terra until he stepped forth to fight against the Terran Union.


Nathan was born into a caring family that forged him into the man he is today. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy under the rule of a corrupt and powerful government who cared about nothing but to have power and wealth. Determined to free the world of these tyrants, Nathan took up arms and decided to find out a way to reveal to the world the truth about their leaders. Unfortunately when Tri G heard about this, they decided to silence him permanently.

Ever since then he had been on the run from the authorities before being abducted by a Numenorian ship that carried him far away from Terra. Confused and frightened, he demanded they tell him who they were and what they want with him. The Numenorians responded by taking him to Tella herself who told him everything he wished to know, explaining that despite his best efforts to destroy the evil on his planet, it was impossible to do such a thing alone and without help. Nathan became very disappointed about this and asked what he should do, making her further explain that he will reside on the planet Eden, a place he would consider heaven and travel the cosmos to gather an army strong enough to seize back Terra.

He would eventually end up fighting to save the universe side by side with Robin Jones.


Nathan has always been a very shy and semi-reclusive individual, which hid a man with a heart of gold who aims to protect those in need and right the wrongs of others, often being labeled as a Martyr. Unfortunately due to events that had transpired in his past, he has constantly been in conflict with his own self, believing he will never find inner peace, causing him to develop mental issues akin to PTSD. To combat this, he used Emerald Elixir to keep his emotions in check.


Note: Despite the character having been given the same name and appearance as me, this is still an Author Avatar, so none of the information listed reflects who I am in real life. Also the current picture is a placeholder until I get a more suitable photo.