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Name: Lucius

Age: Unknown
Race: Astral Cyrathilian
Height: Variable (usually 53'4")
Birthdate: 3072UG
Birthplace: Terrahypt
Class: Planeswalker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Tyg (formerly faithless)
Crush: Aphrodite

Lucius is one of the twin sons of Astralius and one of the 1st of the Astrals. Unlike his wise and peaceful brother Gabriel, Lucius had grown to become a hunter of the Astrals.

He is also the first of the Planeswalkers, wielding the power of darkness and wielding a Scythe as his weapon.


Lucius grew up under the wings of his father Astralius and under the care of his mother Azura. Over the years he took an interest in aspiring to become the strongest and most powerful Astral on Terrahypt, hunting and slacking constantly which gave a bit of a bad name to the Astrals. Because of this, he was often ignored and shunned due to his behavior, especially his rough and somewhat uncomfy mating technique which made many Maternals fear him thinking that he will hurt them while mating.

Seeing that his brother got more attention than himself, decided to kill his own brother out of jealousy and rage believing that he should be the favorite son rather than his brother. When the time arrived, he attacked his brother in his sleep only to have a nearby Maternal scream as she saw him approach, awakening Gabriel in the process. He attacked him at once and quickly overpowered him.

Now with his hand on his neck and one of his claws ready to strike, he watched his brother close his eyes believing he would die only to hear a familiar voice call out "Stop!" He looked up to see Astralius and Azura standing over the 2 and lifted him off Gabriel and looked at him with a look of disgust and anger. Gabriel got back on his feet before Astralius escorted the two back to the tower of Azal.

Lucius found himself standing in the middle of a round room filled with Astrals and Maternals alike with his father in the center of the room with him. Astralius looked at him and spoke. "Why did you do it? Why would you try to murder your own brother? Speak!" He spoke to the Clanfather saying, "He is nothing, he has gotten all the attention, and for what? His curiosity?! That is pathetic! We are warriors! Hunters! We eat what we kill!" He was then interrupted by Astralius. "That is not our way, we are a civilized and well mannered race!" He interrupted him and shouted. "Then you are an old man and a fool!!!" Astralius looked at him with a bit of shock before speaking. "Your right. I am a fool. To think you would accompany your brother Gabriel to lead my people to the promised land if I go."

Gabriel got up to speak out. "Father, I'm sure he-" Astralius interrupted him. "You are not concerned here child! Nor are you to blame!" Gabriel sat back down and watched as the trial went on. "Therefore, in all my willpower and stature as ruler of my people," 2 Astrals grab him to turn him around with his wings facing Astralius before seeing a hole open up in the floor in the center of the room. "and with the power gifted to me by Tyg," He saw his father pick Lucius up and place him over the hole while struggling. "I banish you!" He felt the 2 Astrals drop him into the hole and saw it shut as he fell.

When he hit the bottom, he realized he was now in the underworld of Terrahypt, now alone and wingless, he looked around in hopes of finding shelter and to think of what to do next.

Over the years of solitude in the underworld, he realized that his actions made others fear him and ultimately what caused him to be exiled. Now realizing his mistakes, Lucius devoted his life to redeeming himself and joining the Astrals once more on the surface.


Lucius always enjoys a good fight if it is for the protection of his people, he also enjoys the company of Maternals who cater to him when he sleeps. Due to his frequent physical activity, he is often seeing always snacking on trees, fruits and even crystalized Archium. Although he does not look like a glutton, he eats like one in order to recover his strength, shoveling in anything he finds edible.

Fighting Style[]