"In most tales, heroes are born. In some however, heroes are reborn." -Dungeon Master

The Legacy of the Outlander is a collection of stories that take place on Terrahypt in the 31st age.

The story is mainly composed of the tales of Robin Jones, Rhea, Astralius, Richter and Nathan Caudill, but also features characters such as Elvyron, Egnia, Azura, The Locusts and many others.

The story mainly tells the tale of the Cyrathesian wars, the struggle to rid Terrahypt of Ruchalus' evil that threatens to engulf Terrahypt and the destruction of the second half of the Del Crystal.

This story is the third part of the entire trilogy which is also composed of its 2 preludes and its continuation into the Chronicles of the Avatar.

The entire series is all narrated by the Dungeon Master.