The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Lars Landred
Age: 38 (immortal after soul was consumed by the Black Plague)
Race: Human
Height: 6'7"
Birthdate: 1004AR
Birthplace: Eternoss
Class: Blackguard
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Patron Deity: Torgon
Crush: Unknown

"Bow before your new emperor!" -Lars Landred

Lars Landred was once one of Terronium's greatest military leaders who led the armies of the Black Empire on a conquest across the lands of Aldrazar and was one of the king's greatest royal knights.


Lars was born in House Landred, the strongest known family in the Empire. He was taken in by the military leaders of the Black Legion and was raised as an unholy warrior of the realms, as part of the truce between House Landred and the Empire.

When Lars finally came of age, he served as a soldier in the Legion and in the end, outdid his fellow soldiers on the field and became one of the youngest captains in the Legion. After many years of service, he was eventually taken in by Terronium and served as a squire under the Blackguards of the Empire and after many years of service, was knighted and given a place among the Palace knights.

However, he sought greater power when he laid his eyes upon the sword in the hands of the king and realized the power of such a blade must be in his hands. He devised a plan to usurp power and take the Black Plague, but in the end his plans were thwarted by his fellow knights. As punishment, he was banished from the empire and left to die in the wilderness, but his willpower allowed him to carry on and survive believing the day will come when he will find himself sitting upon the throne of the Empire and wielding the Black Plague.