The Tome of Legends Wiki

Name: Jenalda

Age: 261
Race: Zerg
Birthdate: 3792UG
Birthplace: Zerg Starship
Class: Gunner
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Unknown
Crush: Unknown

Jenalda is a Zerg who lived in a family of merchants, being the daughter of a multi billion credit corporation on the Zerg homeworld, she lived most of her life in luxury.


Jenalda was born aboard a class A freighter, a ship transporting valuable goods to another colony in the cosmos.

Due to her luxury life, her mother and father were afraid she would grow up to be snobbish and ill mannered, so they sent her to many different schools to help her understand the middle class more so as not to insult them. In the end their plan worked and she became well liked by many zerg across the cosmos.

When Jenalda became of age, she wanted to train herself in the art of combat to be able to protect herself on her journey into the ocean of stars. Her parents at frst felt a bit worried about her but relented seeing that she was a grown woman and was capable of fending for herself. So before she knew it, she was signed up for basic training in the Zerg Armada, going about different missions and rising in rank faster than some of the other recruits. Soon she became skilled enough to defend herself wherever she went, so after saying her goodbyes, she set off into the cosmos seeking fame and fortune wherever she went.

The Child of Eden

When Jenalda ran out of power for her ship, she landed on Eden hoping to find a substitute to power her ship. To her surprise, she met a Terran on the planet named Nathan. Curiously she asked him questions, how he got here, what he does to survive and many other things. Eventually she felt a friendly bond between herself and the Terran as if the gods believed it was their fate to meet face to face.

Now Jenalda acts as Nathan's navigator for many of his missions to steal weapons tech.