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"Nobody loves me! NO ONE EVER WILL!!!"

-Nathan in mid transformation


Name: Insanity
Age: None
Race: same as Nathan
Height: 5'11
Birthdate: None
Birthplace: None
Class: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity: None
Crush: None


Insanity is a fragment of Nathan's mind that has gained sentience from the emotions being suppressed by the Xermodaphite and now struggles to take over Nathan's body.

There are times when he manages to take over his body for a while before he collapses from the physical strain he often causes. This of course makes Nathan wake up covered in blood and having no memory of what happened.

Insanity would later on be extracted from Nathan by the Terran Union to create what would be known as The Guardian.


He acts as if there is nothing left of his humanity, leaving a savage, hungry and bloodthirsty beast whose purpose is to simply hate. Due to his never ending anger towards the living, he is often seen feasting on living tissue, which stains his hands and face with the blood of his prey.