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Name: Hatsodoom Reiga

Other Alias: The Bulls-Eye Ranger
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Birthdate: August 12, 4017UG
Birthplace: Coral
Class: Gunner
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: None
Crush: Nitrogen, Robin Astra, J. Rabbit (All former)

Hatsodoom is a Ranger of the Hunters Guild and is well known for being one of the greatest heroes on Ragol. He wields the legendary rifle the "Heaven Striker".


Hatsodoom has a strong sense of justice and honor, willing to put his own life on the line for the greater good. He will always accept a job that calls for his expertise, no matter how big or small. He gets along well with others so long as they are willing to be open and honest. However Hatsodoom acts coldly towards most open expressions of love between others except his personal friends. This is because Hatsodoom has tried desperately to find love, but has been broken countless times. His loves have all either been killed, vanished or betrayed him. This pain has left him cold towards love and usually does not accept any affections towards him. He feels he will never find love.


Hatsodoom is renowned for his expertise with guns. Nicknamed the "Bulls-Eye Ranger" for his pin-point accuracy, it is said he always hits his target. However he also is skilled with one-handed swords and has slight skill with magic, known by his people as Techniques. He is also extremely agile, able to dodge most melee attacks with ease. His signature weapon, the "Heaven Striker" can unleash beams of light upon a max of 12 enemies at once, called "Divine Punishment", dealing light-based elemental spell damage to them. It is known that he uses this ability against agile enemies, large groups and against enemies weak to light damage. No one has ever beaten Hatsodoom in a ranged weapon duel and remains the most skilled of all Rangers to this day.


Hatsodoom's story is a long one. He has had many adventures over his years but some stand out over others. These are his most legendary escapades.

Episode 0: Before the Adventures[]

Hatsodoom was born on his home planet Coral right before Pioneer 1 set out to find a new inhabitable planet. When Pioneer 2 left Coral Hatsodoom went aboard it with his mother at the age of 4. Upon arrival to Ragol, the planet Pioneer 1 had found an explosion was witnessed upon the surface. No one from Pioneer 1 was found and they were all presumed to be dead, including Hatsodoom's father who had been on board. Greaving over the loss, Hats' mother soon comitted suicide leaving Hats to fend for himself. For a while he made do for a while with the money left behind by his mother. During this time he taught himself ranged combat, in order to fend for himself. At the age of 13 Hatsodoom became eligable to join the Hunter's Guild. He passed the entry exam with a perfect score, a first time event in the guild. He also became the youngest member in Guild history and as soon as he was granted his lisence, set out to aid those in need.

Episode 1: The Goddess of Destruction[]

The leader of Pioneer 2, Principal Tyerll acknowledged Hatsodoom's skills and at the age of 18, set him out on a personal mission: To find out what happened to his daughter, "Red Ring" Rico Tyrell. Hatsodoom teamed up with a Hunter Cast named "Raikiri" and a Human Force named "Akito Tenkawa" for the entire duration of this mission. At the end of their quest they encountered the Goddess of Destruction "Dark Falz". Falz sought to break free of her eternal bind from the Del Crystal using Rico as a host so she could once again wreak havoc and chaos across the universe. Hats, Raikiri and Akito battled Dark Falz and defeated her once and for all. However victory did not come without a price, for Rico was killed in the process. Hats reported back to Tyerll and told him what had transpired.

"I must accept my daughter's choice. She sacrificed herself not only for us, but for the entire universe. Both you and her, have my thanks."

With that Hatsodoom took his leave and he and his friend went their separate ways for the time being.

Episode 2: Messages From a Dead Man[]

Two years after Hats' victory over Dark Falz he was called up by the Pioneer 2 Lab for an important assignment. After being tested to assure he was up to the task Hatsodoom was assigned to follow a stream of messages left by Heathcliff Flowen, a man who was aboard Pioneer 1. The messages were all recent, giving belief to the fact he was alive. Just as desperate to find any Pioneer 1 survivors as they were, Hatsodoom took upon the task. He recruited his old friends, Raikiri and Akito as well as a new member to the team, a Human Hunter named Nick Krieger. The set out to Ragol once more to follow the stream of messages left behind by the hopefully alive Flowen.

They followed the messages through the island of Gal Da Val. After following the path they found a lab built by scientists from Pioneer 1. The went into the Seabed Lab and continued to follow the trail. Throughout the entire expedition Hats seemingly felt a familiar presence, as if something he had encountered before was watching them. The followed the trail to the Test Subject Dispoal Pit, a deep hold where discarded experiments were thrown. Upon activating the lift they were attacked by a monster mentioned in a log known as "Olga Flow". Upon inspection of the monster Hats learned two thing: One was that this beast was Flowen who sent out the messages in hopes someone could stop him before he broke out. The second was that he had been infused with D-Cells, the substance Dark Falz was made of. The group battled Olga Flow and emerged victorious once more. Before fading into the afterlife Flowen thanked the heroes.

"Brave heroes of Ragol, you shall be known throughout all of time. Songs will be sung of you and people will hail you as heroes. But the greatest threat of all has yet to come."

With that his spirit faded and the heroes set back to Pioneer 2 to give their report. However they would not have long to rest.

Episode 3: The Serpentine Meteor[]

Six months after the Olga Flow assignment a meteor crashed into Ragol. The meteor spread an unsafe amount of Photons that threated to make the air poisonous. Soon after the impact Hatsodoom and friends, due to their achievements in the past were sent out once more to see what exactly was causing the Photon pollution. However a man sought to use these unique Photons to create an ultimate weapon. Hatsodoom and friends discovered his while inspecting the routes around the crater inpact site. Knowning they had to beat the man to the meteor they set out for the crater. Upon arriving at the hole made by the meteor they saw a Newman girl Hatsodoom had rescued years ago in the mans grasp. Upon eavesdropping on the man and his minions they discovered a creature resided in the meteor and the girl was the only one who could control it due to her high resistance to Photons.

Hats and his allies gave chase after the man and headed into the Subterranean Desert that sprawled around the impact site. They headed deeper and deeper into the desert until the came upon the meteor and the man. The girl was standing in front of the meteor, seemingly controlling the Photons around them. The Photons flew into a gun placed on the ground in front of her, infusing it with unique properties. The team rushed in to grab the weapon and stop the man. However the disruption of the creation of the weapon awakened the beast within the meteor, a serpent-like beast later to be known as "Saint-Milion". Nick, Raikiri and Akito took the man and the Newman girl to safety while Hatsodoom grabbed the gun to fight the beast. The exit teleport was soon disabled by the upsurge of Photons, leaving Hats to fight the beast alone. The gun, known as "Heaven Striker" had an adverse effect on the beast, especially its unique ability known as "Divine Punishment". Hatsodoom killed the beast and he as well as his friends and the Newman girl and the man managed to out before the entire desert was buried beneath the sands once more. The man was arrested and Hatsodoom was allowed to keep the Heaven Striker to use. The Newman girl known as Rupika thanked Hats.

"Thank you all for everything you have done. I am honored to be rescued by such great heroes. But you Hats, I had a vision of you fighting an unknown dark entity. Your greatest battle has yet to come."

Hatsodoom recalled what Flowen said, thinking they both referred to the same thing. However Hatsodoom merely waited for this day to come. With that Hats and friends went back home to rest after another adventure.

Episode 4: C.A.R.D. Revolution[]

Three years after the meteor incident the colonization had finally begun as Ragol was finally being built upon. A new technology had been developed, the C.A.R.D. system. This could morph almost any weapon or monster into the form of a single card. This was said to be a new revolution in technology, it was because of this that the government became corrupt. Principal Tyerll was replaced by a man who's lust for power disgusted Hatsodoom. He heard of an organization called the Arkz, who sought to destroy the C.A.R.D. system to purify the corruption that Pioneer 2 had become infected by. He abandoned Pioneer 2 and joined the Arkz.

Hats used the C.A.R.D. system to battle those he used to fight against, the Hunter's Guild. However he soon discovered he would fight a man he had made friends with before, another Human Ranger named Kranz. He did not want to fight a friend, but knew he must do so for the betterment of Pioneer 2. Soon enough the leader of the Arkz, known only as Red told Hats about their plan to destroy the C.A.R.D. system: Destroy the source of the G.E.R.M, the energy source used to power the system. However Hats' alignment soon changed after a raid upon the Pioneer 2 C.A.R.D. Lab. His friend Kranz had been severely injured as the result of trying to smother an explosion. Soon after the raid Hats left the Arkz without a word and sided with the Hunters once more. However his mission was the same, destroy the source of the G.E.R.M. After working with the Hunters he and the others discovered the location of the source of all the G.E.R.M, known to them as The Great Shadow. Hatsodoom as well as the hunters he was working with agreed that it had to be destroyed. With that he set out with Kranz, who had recovered from his predicament to destroy The Great Shadow.

Upon arrival at the location of The Great Shadow a being known as Castor appeared. She attacked Hatsodoom and Kranz and they engaged in combat with it. However Hats heard another battle nearby and left Kranz to deal with Castor as he held her off. Hats found an Arkz member, a Human Force named Break battling what appeared to be a second Great Shadow known as Pollux. Break was defeated upon Hats' arrival but he took over the battle for Break. The battle went on for hours and neither side gave way. It was then Hatsodoom knew that this was the battle spoken of by both Flowen and Rupika. It was only when Hatsodoom broke his cards and brought out his Heaven Striker was he able to defeat Pollux.

"I swear to you upon this day Hatsodoom, revenge will be mine! I will control everything in existence and destroy those who get in my way! Mark my words, I shall return!"

With that Pollux vanished in a pool of shadow leaving Hats wondering if she was really dead or not. He grabbed Break and returned to Kranz, who had emerged victorious in his fight. With that Hats' prophesied battle had ended, but he knew that his greatest battle had yet to occur.

Episode 5: Visitor From Another World[]

About four years later Hatsodoom met a human named Robin Jones. After the two got to know and fight along side each other Robin claimed to be from another world called Aldrazar. Hats did not believe this at first but soon discovered this to be true as time passed and Hats learned more about Robin. Soon after Robin's arrival an old enemy returned, Pollux had come back to seek her revenge on Hatsodoom. Knowing that she was more powerful than ever Hats recruited Robin into the ranks of the Hunters Guild to help him fight the returning Great Shadow.

Hatsodoom, Robin and the others fought Pollux over the course of about a year, thwarting every plan she made to defeat the heroes. Suddenly she vanished, but in her place appeared a mysterious female Newman who had had just joined the Hunters Guild. Suspicious of the coincidence Hats kept an eye on the Newman as she started to flirt with Robin. Soon enough Robin started to fall in love with Pollux. Hats knew that this person had to be Pollux in disguise and confronted Robin about it. However he denied all of Hats' accusations and the constant arguing caused the two to separate for a time.

About a month later Pollux appeared again and lead Hatsodoom into the ruins where he had done battle with Dark Falz many years before. Upon entering Falz's old domain he saw it had reverted into the lush green plains it had been before Dark Falz was released. He spotted Pollux along side a corrupted Robin Jones. He knew that she had seduced him long enough to take control of his mind. Pollux revealed that this was her plan, use Robin Jones to kill Hatsodoom, the only person she considered to be a threat. A battled waged between Hats and Robin, one that lasted longer that that of Hatsodoom against Pollux years ago.

"You've got to fight her Robin, she's just using you! What would your wife Nicole say if she saw you doing this?"

Suddenly Robin broke free from Pollux's control and used The Ragnarok to kill Pollux once and for all along with the first half of the Del Crystal which she was using to posess him. With that Pollux was no more and Hatsodoom's long war against her was over. Not too long after Robin stated that he must leave and journey into the stars once more. He thanked Hats for the hospitality and hoped that they would meet again someday, to which Hats said they would. With that Robin Jones left and Hatsodoom went back to his daily life with his friends.

The Aftermath[]

A few months after Hatsodoom went on a mission back to the old meteor impact site to investigate a disturbance. Hatsodoom never returned from this mission and is presumed dead. His heroism and legend live on to this day however and many monuments on Ragol have been built in his honor. Some believe he is still alive, out there somewhere in the cosmos protecting another world.

Hatsodoom's adventures in the Gurhal System occur after this.


  • Hatsodoom is also Nick's user name on most online sites.
  • Hatsodoom's name "popped into" Nick's head upon naming.
  • Despite the name, Hatsodoom has never worn a hat.
  • In Phantasy Star Universe Hatsodoom was known as "HatsODoom EX". Despite this addon to his name, this was the same Hatsodoom that existed in the Phantasy Star Online story.
  • People who knew Hatsodoom on Phantasy Star Online V1 have remembered him after several years, calling him out during the Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 Era and some even reconizing him during Blue Burst. Some people he knew during Blue Burst called him out when he played Phantasy Star Universe and people he met there have plans to meet up with him when Phantasy Star Online 2 comes out.
  • On June 23rd, 2020 at around 9:00 PM PDT, Ranatosk met back up with Hatsodoom on Phantasy Star Online 2 by finding his Lookbook and leaving a comment, leading Nick to message him back and remembering who he was.