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Name: Guy Elron
Other Alias: King Ascalon
Age: currently over 3000 years old (would be considered 45 in human years)
Race: Dragonborn
Height: 6'5"
Birthdate: 1013AR
Birthplace: Faerun
Class: Dragoon
Alignment: Chaotic good
Patron Deity: The Maker
Crush: Unknown

Guy Elron is one of Aldrazar's strongest warriors and is the wielder of the Balmung. He currently resides on Draconia acting as a guardian and the dragon king, but at times he satisfies his curiosity for the stars and explores the universe saving others from harm. He is and remains one of the Gauntlet's greatest warriors currently.

Past Life

Guy Elron is the descendant of a legendary Dragoon who wielded the Gold Dragon blade, which is now in the possession of Alteon the one who would later become the immortal high king of Aldrazar after the Final Wars. During one day however at the age of 10 while he was out fishing with his father Garrus, a dagger struck his father and killed him. Guy was then left with his dead father with a dagger supporting a peculiar symbol sticking out of his head.

Years later, Guy left home on a quest for vengeance to find who the symbol belongs to and the one who murdered his father 19 years ago.

Over the course of his journey, he made some allies over the years:

  • Nickar Oltar: Ex-member of the Circle of Sequestered Magics, is now on a quest for revenge against the circle.
  • Lefto Steedfoot: A former Halfling slave that escaped with his family from the Black Empire of Eternoss, came to Faerun to help feed his starving family by finding fame and fortune.
  • Chelsea Bluescale: Draconian of Avelice who left on a quest for revenge.
  • Taurus Brightblade: A Paladin of Tyr who is on a quest to purge evil from the world in the name of King Alteon.
  • Darin Ironskin: Bard of the Ironskin clan who decided to take a tour around the world to let everyone hear his music and hear the many glorious tales of the legendary hero Orin Ironskin.

Later on his journey after finding the answers he seeks which leads him to trying to stop the Dragon wars, Guy manages to get his hands on both the Platinum fang and the Chromatic fang, the 2 swords of the dragon lords which fused together to create The Balmung, the legendary sword of the Dragoons.

Guy used the Balmung to defeat Nidhoggr the dragon god and end the Final Wars thus placing Aldrazar into a Utopian age.

Current life

Guy Elron currently resides on Draconia overseeing the planet as the new Dragon king and at other times exploring the universe to satisfy his curiosity of the stars.

He is still the current wielder of the Balmung.