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Gunners are skilled marksmen in the field of gunpowder and cannoneering. These Pistoliers are strange marauders which are a rare sight to see on the battlefield.


Gunners are well trained in the art of firearms, from the basic single handed flintlock, to the devastating Mini Cannon.

A Gunner's pistol is his/her very ally, so a Gunner must take his/her time to fine tune their weapons to ensure that they can keep firing throughout the battle. Gunners usually carry more than one pistol because of this.

Should the Gunner run out of ammunition, he/she will always have a dagger or short sword by their side, or even a bayonet on the end of their pistols for maximum efficiency. In some cases, Gunblades have been known to exist for this exact purpose.

A Gunner must reload every once in a while as well, taking 1 combat round (more depending on the gun) per gun.

Attributes and Stats[]

HP: 1d6

Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Strength

Bonuses: Gains a +2 to Search and +3 to Spot

Weapons: Daggers, S.Swords and guns only

Armor: None

Shields: None

Racial limitations: Human and Gnome only

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1400


Dead shot - Allows the Gunner to aim more precisely, allowing him/her to gain +3xLVL attack bonus, but gains -3xLVL defense bonus. Moving disables this ability. -8 Technique Points.

Bull's eye (Passive ability) - If the Gunner gets a critical hit with any of his/her guns, the damage dealt is tripled for every shot fired on a critical.

Sweep! (Melee ability) - Got knocked down? not a problem, get back on your feet with a swift whirlwind kick (number of enemies around you for every to hit roll) before jumping to your feet! -10 Technique Points.

Limit Breakers[]

Elemental master - The Gunner calls upon the powers of the elements allowing him/her to fire up to 5 different shots.

  • 1st shot: Earth - roll damage dice + 1d6xLVL earth damage to the opponent.
  • 2nd shot: Wind - roll damage dice + 1d6xLVL wind damage to the opponent.
  • 3rd shot: Fire - roll damage dice + 1d6xLVL fire damage to the opponent.
  • 4th shot: Water - roll damage dice + 1d6xLVL water damage to the opponent.
  • 5th shot: shoots out a massive arcane cannonball which inflicts 1d20xLVL points of magic damage.