Tri G logo

Tri G's logo.

Gemini Genesis Gamma is a super corporation based on Terra. The corporaton focuses in the development of certain things similar to what Atlas Corp. creates, but its true purpose is to focus in the field of bio-technology, cloning and genetic augmentation.


Tri G was created sometime around the Terra year 2015 AD to create a way to enhance the raw power and muscle strength of the military's soldiers to turn them into super soldiers. The development worked at first, but the experiments with the serum required live test subjects such as innocent men and women off the streets of cities all across Terra. Confused and determined for answers, a young Terran named Nathan Caudill decided to investigate this conspiracy as to what caused these disappearances.

Over the course of his studies and investigations, he realized that it wasnt simple disappearances, but kidnapping to use the subjects to create a drug that not only increases the soldier's raw power, but also turns them into mindless slaves at the command of the Tri G founder: George Gilderoy Gerbert. Now realizing the truth, Nathan stopped at nothing to see to it that the truth was revealed to the world, but in the end, he failed. When word reached the ear of George Gerbert about Nathan trying to put an end to their dark secrets, George sent mercenaries to silence him permenantly.

Now being pursued, Nathan had no choice but to go into hiding until the heat blew over. What he had in mind was an abandoned bunker he found and fixed up to hide in, but instead was abducted by a Numenorian space cruiser and was taken to the planet Eden.

5 years later, Tri G was "seized" by Arklight and began to develop certain other technologies more than genetic research.

Project Icarus

Around the year 2025 AD after Arklight retrieved a sample of Alia and Robin's blood, he created 2 clones with the DNA creating Elvyron and Astralius. However, Astralius destroyed the ship that he was cloned in and Arklight was forced to reside on Terrahypt and created the Cyrathesians which led to the chaos across most of Terrahypt.

Terran Union

The corporation was never able to merge with the Terran Union due to the fact that after George Gilderoy Gerbert was killed by Robin Jones while defending the second half of the Del Crystal by a plasma blast to the head, the corporation died after the years went by and Tri G was no more.