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The Garweeze star cluster located near the center of the Milky way galaxy. Having gotten its name from the Numenorian word meaning "Massive".

Garweeze is the name of the star cluster that the Realms of Ragna campaign setting takes place in. The system was also where the immortal emperor Elveron resided before the Immortal Alteon. This system houses the Helios system where Aldrazar resides along with the other planets orbiting Helios.

Below is an arranged list of the planets of the Helios System.


The twelvth celestial body orbiting Helios. (Not counting the asteroid belt, that makes it the eleventh planet.) It is a frozen world, with epic arctic storms that cause havoc across the rest of the planet. Little is known of the land features of Boran. The surface features are ravaged by the freezing storms. If Boran has any ice covered seas, this fact has not been discovered. The only creatures known to live on the planet are foul creatures who are able to survive the deadly cold. These include white dragons, yeti and a variety of arctic troll.


The fourth planet orbiting Helios. It is almost completely covered in jungle. The Shou Lung, and many other visitors, refer to Chislev as a liveworld, but natives of the Helios system all define Chislev as an earth body. The planet Chislev is named after the god Chislev, and the god is rumoured to live on the planet.


The seventh planet orbiting Helios. It is an earth cluster that is anchored togehter by a plant called Yggdrasil's Child. The Shou Lung define Garden as a liveworld. It is possible for a spelljamming ship to fly in the gaps beween the small asteroids that make up the cluster and the roots of the plant that hold them together. These asteroids, and the plant, share a common spherical air envelope. There are a number of natural places where a ship can dock, but no manmade ports. There are several pirate dens in the mazes below the surface of Garden. The surface of Garden is covered in thousands of small plants. These sit in the gaps between the sail-sized leaves that grow on the branches of Yggdrasil's Child. The trunk of Yggdrasil's Child is actually made up of several hundred trunks (all over 100 feed in diameter) that are fused together. These trunks stretch out over the entire surface of the planet and mean that part of the plant is always in sunlight. Many small animals live on and in Garden. These include: rabbits, mice, foxes and ferrets. There are people living on Garden, but most spacefarers travel to the planet to refresh their air envelope and collect food and water. The northern half of Garden is home to at least one established community. This is the northmen who gave the name Yggdrasil's Child to the giant plant that holds Garden together. Little is known of any of the communities living on the southern half of Garden. The inside of Garden is a natural mazework of passages that exist between the asteroids in Garden's cluster and the roots of Yggdrasil's Child (the plant that hold the asteroids together). The gaps between the asteroids and the roots are mostly as small as 100 feet in width, but some of them are 100 yards wide. The roots of Yggdrasil's Child touch all parts of the inside of the planet. Some of them are 1,000 feet across, but they fork off into smaller and smaller roots. The smallest roots grow into the asteroids that make up Garden. Yggdrasil's Child has the ability to rapidly regenerate damage. It is not immortal. It has a life span of 2,000 years and is half way through its life. It is a sentient plant, but none of the hundreds of attempts to talk to it have been successful. Garden has twelve moons that all orbit outside its air envelope and are not connected to Yggdrasil's Child:

  • Grandchild
  • Yerthhad
  • Peacecon
  • Retinae
  • Glorianus
  • Fjord
  • Locci
  • Dragon
  • Rock
  • Knurl
  • Sunson
  • Templar


  • Farworld.

It is rumored that Elveron was buried there causing the tree to sprout, but this rumor is highly suspect and requires actual proof.


(See also: Aldrazar)


The ninth celestial body orbiting Helios. The terrain is dominated by mountains.


The first planet orbiting Helios. It is a cooked world, with a very thin atmosphere. The surface features of Karrington are cooked by temperatures that soar to up to 600 degrees. There is no known surface water on the planet. No creatures are known to live on the planet as the heat is too intense to support life.

Lagor's World[]

The eighth planet orbiting Helios. It is a world with a large variety of climates and geographic features. The planet Lagor's World is named after a sage and astronomer called Lagor.


The tenth planet orbiting Helios. It is an ovoid earth body. Nehzmyth is rarely seen from the surface of Aldrazar (and most other planets in the Helios system) as it often passes through The Black Clouds, because of this, the planet is often called The Vanishing Planet Nehzmyth and some sages are convinced that the world is a living entity that uses spellcasting powers to make itself invisible.

Centuries later, Illithids were discovered on the planet's surface who explained that they used cloaking technology to conceal the planet to hide from the Zerg crime syndicate The 9 Daggers.


The fifth planet orbiting Helios. It is an earth body that is almost completely covered in steep mountains and deep chasms. The planet Reorx is named after the god Reorx, and the god is rumoured to live at the centre of the planet.

The southern lands have two ports, one opperated by a dwarven clan, the other by a gnome clan. the dwarfs supply the refined metal to the gnomes in trade for high tech goods.

Reorx has one moon: Ora or The Hammer. According to the mythology of the dwarves that mine it, the moon was formed by a drop of molten metal that splashed from Reorx's anvil when he shaped the cosmos.


The second planet orbiting Helios. It is a hot world, with a poisonous methane atmosphere. Little is known of the land features of Skora. The surface features are ravaged by violent storms. There is no known civilisation on Skora, however rumors suggest a wizard called Klemen has used his magical skills to create an area on the planet, where he can live.

The Stellar Islands[]

Though not an actual planet, these are a cluster of asteroids, but five of them are larger than all of the others and are inhabited. It is the five inhabited asteroids that people refer to as islands. They are all between 100 and 400 miles across and are connected by glowing ribbon walkways. The inhabitants of the Stellar Islands sometimes refer to them as the hand of goodness, with the largest of the five asteroids being 'the thumb' and the other four being 'the fingers'.


The sixth planet orbiting Helios. It is an air body with a handful of continent-sized boulders spinning through its atmosphere alongside smaller boulders that range in size from 1 mile across down to the size of a fist. The planet Zivilyn is named after the god Zivilyn and the god is rumoured to live on one of its moons. Like Krynn, Zivilyn has also had people who have challenged the gods. However, in the case of Zivilyn, sages believe that Zivilyn was formerly a large earth body that was shattered because of the activity of its people.

Planets in order[]

Helios: Sun[]

  1. Karrington
  2. Skora
  3. Aldrazar
  4. Chislev
  5. Reorx
  6. Zivilyn
  7. Garden
  8. Lagor's world
  9. Hecht
  10. Nehzmyth
  11. Boran
  • The Stellar Islands