Fenrir Lionheart

Name: Fenrir Lionheart

Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 6'2 Inches
Birthdate: 1020AR
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Warlock (Flame fist specialist)
Alignment: Neutral good
Patron Deity: Ilmater
Crush: None

Fenrir Lionheart is one of the two Lionheart brothers and is the creator of the flame sword the Flamberge. He and his brother Iknamus created the swords to become heroes of Aldrazar, but unfortunately turned on each other due to Iknamus' lust for blind vengeance.


Fenrir grew up in an orphanage along with his brother where they were often mistreated and abused by the caretakers there. But unlike the other kids, Fenrir was the only one who was brave enough to fight against them.

After many long and painful years of abuse and neglect, he and Iknamus eventually were adopted by a Blacksmith and were never seen of again from the orphanage. They finally had decent clothes to wear, decent food to eat and a decent place to sleep ever since then.

During that time, their step father's work intrigued them and they eventually both became skilled smiths after learning from him. Once they came of age, they decided to embark on a quest to create unique items of their own. After saying their goodbyes to the blacksmith, they both left home and parted ways to find a way to forge 2 of their own wonderous items.

Fenrir eventually went on to create the Flamberge and used it alongside his brother to defend Aldrazar from evil, but he was eventually forced to turn it on his brother Iknamus after he chose to live a life of murder and chaos.

Current lifeEdit

Fenrir became a mercenary to earn some extra money, but retired from merc work when he came across an unusual crystal located inside a Dwarven mine. He then decided to send a message out to the local harbor and farming town of Rivergulf to find a jewel crafter to examine it, but instead The Hero ends up meeting him and ends up getting involved in the affairs of Good vs Evil.