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Eternoss is the central continent of Aldrazar originally part of a much larger land mass known as Xerveron and once ruled by the ancient kings of Aldrazar during the Age of Kings until one king discovered an unholy sword with unspeakable power, causing all of the continent to erupt into chaos due to a multi-spanning war for conquest between the kings and the now dark king, further causing Xerveron to be torn asunder into the known continents of today which would later be referred to as the "Age of Reckoning."

After the super continent split apart, much of the kings of Xerveron were reduced to mere lords, though Alteon's royal blood is said to be the only lineage of the ancient kings that continued to retain monarch stature and to this day rules over all of Frandor and it's capital city Swordhaven.

Now the continent is referred to as The Forbidden Lands due to the unholy energies that empowers the new dominion of Eternoss: The Black Empire.