Emperor Elveron

Name: Elveron

Age: 880,000
Race: Immortal
Height: 6'5 Inches
Birthdate: 900,000BR
Birthplace: Telara
Class: Emperor of the Numenorians
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Ragna
Crush: None

Elveron first came into existence as an immortal man with simple knowledge of the universe and how it works, but over the course of eons, his mind expanded beyond what humans can even dream to imagine. With this newly found knowledge, Elveron created a bastion of civilization that reached even beyond the boundaries of dark space. With his newly made worlds, Elveron retired and seated himself upon the throne of the Numenorian empire. Yet something began to trouble him as he sat there on his throne, he believed that the peace in his empire would soon come to an end and that his people would soon face annihilation. He later found out that he was correct, for Elveron found himself fighting against an unspeakable evil led by the Dark lord Argilion. Together his wife Tella, his 3 sons Ranatosk Gladriem, Remiel Gladriem and Haldrius Gladriem and the rest of the empire stood up to fight against the evil that threatened his kingdom. Sadly during his fight with Argilion, he was defeated. Ranatosk immediately took up his father's sword The Kaladbolg after seeing him defeated. With all his might, his son defeated Argilion and ended his reign of terror once and for all.

Elveron may be gone, but his people have moved on following in his footsteps to restore order and peace throughout the universe with the aid of their new king Haldrius Gladriem.

Trivia Edit

  • Elveron's name originated from the speech clip from a Lich Mage in the computer game Neverwinter Nights who said "Do not underestimate Elveron's power."
  • Elveron's race was originally simply named "The Ancients".