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The Edenians were an ancient race of humanoids said to have created the 2nd civilization across the universe in the Old Kingdoms. It is often said by those who have discovered ancient dialects of the Edenians that they were able to harness the raw energies of the universe and split them into 2 different polarities which was later known as the Yin/Yang Polarity Theory.

The Edenians were said to have been destroyed by a cataclysmic event that threatened to destroy the universe itself.

Not much else was discovered by the Edenians, though some texts have stated that one Edenian still lives, although most of everything else about them is unknown even to the Numenorians.


Edenian culture was mainly made of assumptions and theories created by many scientists throughout the ages. As many people pieced together the many theories and discoveries, they eventually concluded the following:

Edenian culture was ruled by a single leader known as "The Sovereign" who acted as ambassador and chief overseer of the entire Edenian race. It is stated that the Sovereign was a ruthless leader who was highly respected due to his actions and was even thought of as a god to some.

Edenians mated the same way Humans did but never believed in the concept of multiple families and believed that everyone was a part of a single family allowing all Edenian males and females to share mates if desired. Due to this, the population growth of the Edenians stretched far greater than that of any other known race in the new realms.

Ancient writings and Artifacts[]

Throughout the ages, many different scientists of different races and cultures have managed to translate some of the Edenian scriptures and archives:

  1. (written on a humanoid statue holding a tablet found on Eden) "Champion: There will come a time when a chosen champion shall come forth and seek out this ancient power to save his people. Here beneath his feet he will find power. A gift more magnificent than anything we ourselves cannot hope to comprehend. May he set us free of these demons." (an opening to a passage below was uncovered in front of it, but was unable to be opened by the archaeologists. It was later opened by The Child of Eden and it revealed the artifact "The Sovereign's Heart".)
  2. (found in a book located on Zergos) "Guardian of the Universe: Throughout the ages, one of our people have always been chosen by "the blade" to become its wielder and champion. We have constantly wished to study it but the wielder himself/herself simply refuses to have us touch it saying that it is forbidden. In the end we all relented and respected the wielder's choices believing it to be for the good of the people." (the rest simply tells of all other people who have wielded the Ragnarok, giving clear proof that Robin Jones was not the first Avatar)
  3. The Ouroboros (found on one of the Eden Alliance worlds)