Planet Eden

Planet Eden with a Numenorian spacecraft carrying The Child of Eden.

Planet Eden is said to be the most pure and peaceful planet in the known realms. The planet gives off a somewhat bright light which gives the planet a divine and celestial look to it. Some believe this planet to be the very homeworld of the Edenians due to their name. When The Child of Eden first set foot on it, he believed it to be the garden of eden considering the planet's forests and meadows resemble what Genesis described it to look like.

The planet has 2 moons both named Adam and Eve.


The planet's surface is covered in plants that seem to give off a white light during the night cycle, which gives the planet its look. The planet also has multiple oceans that contain extremely clear water that seems to contain a chemical which heals and rejuvinates anyone who injests it. The radiation from the planet seems to prolong the lives of individuals who live on the planet by an exceeding rate.