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Duelists are swift and agile Fighters that specialize in parrying and precise striking. Sometimes these fighters are very charismatic and are referred to as Silver tongued Swordsmen.


Duelists almost always fight with a sense of honor and are sometimes very merciful, mostly trying to disarm their opponents and wait for them to surrendur before giving them their weapon back. Though at times when their foe is relentless, they will have no choice but to cut them down out of self defense.

Duelists rely on their keen senses to predict their enemy's movements so as to parry and deflect any attack thrown at them.

Attributes and stats

HP: 1d8

Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Intelligence

Bonuses: Gains a +2 to Tumble, Appraise and +3 to Parry

Weapons: Rapier, Dagger, S. Sword, L. Sword, Club, Cutlass.

Armor: Light only

Shields: Bucklers only

Racial limitations: any

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1800


Sonic thrust - A powerful piercing attack that combines both strength and precision, aiming for any vital areas to pierce through and dealing extra damage depending on the character's strength modifier which is doubled when using this Technique (can even shatter armor if done on a critical hit). -8 TP

Sword Flurry - A flurry of thrusting strikes which pierce the enemy multiple times following up with a strong thrust which leaves the enemy in knockdown state. -10 TP

Limit Breakers

Vibrant Rose - The Duelist hits the enemy over the head for 1d6 damage before following up with a flurry of 11d20 natural AC piercing strikes dealing 1d4xLVL damage per hit and ending with a powerful thrust dealing 1d12xLVL damage. (can only be done with a Rapier)



Here is an example of the basics of how a Duelist fights.