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Dragoons are dragon knights who originate from the distant planet Draconia. They are faithful and loyal warriors devoted to their cause given to them by the Dragon King Ascalon.


Dragoons are Soldiers who have harnessed the magical powers of the Dragons through their ancestral blood. This allows them to channel the elemental energy of their dragon blood and use it as they see fit.

Dragoons are often seen wielding lances or javelins, but can also be seen wielding any other weapon of their choice.

Attributes and stats[]

HP: 1d8x10

Prime Requisite: Intelligence, Strength

Bonuses: Gains a +1 to Bluff, +2 to Spellcraft and +3 to Concentration and Diplomacy

Weapons: any

Armor: any non heavy.

Shields: any non tower.

Racial limitations: Dragonborn only

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2000

(For a few of the Dragoon's other abilities, see Dragoon for the available racial abilities)