Black Dragoon

Dragoons are dragon knights that arose around the time of the Dragon wars. They are faithful and loyal warriors devoted to their cause given to them by one of the two dragon lords Bahamut and Tiamat.


Dragoons are Dragonborn Fighters who have harnessed the magical powers of the Dragons through their ancestral blood. This allows them to channel the elemental energy of their dragon blood and use it as they see fit.

Dragoons are often seen wielding lances or javelins, but can also be seen wielding any other weapon of their choice.

Due to their involvement in the Dragon wars, they are often frowned upon, but tolerated.

Attributes and statsEdit

HP: 1d8

Prime Requisite: Intelligence, Strength

Bonuses: Gains a +1 to Bluff, +2 to Spellcraft and +3 to Concentration and Diplomacy

Weapons: any

Armor: any.

Shields: any non tower.

Racial limitations: Dragonborn only

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 2000


Breath weapon: (Racial class ability) The Dragoon blows forth a blast of a certain element causing 2d6xLVL worth of elemental damage. (must be the same breath weapon as the Dragoon's dragon type) -7 TP

  • 1st level - can reach up to 10 feet.
  • 2nd level (gained at lvl 3) - can reach up to 25 feet. -14 TP
  • 3rd level (gained at level 9) - can reach up to 50 feet. -21 TP
  • 4th level (gained at level 18) - can reach up to 75 feet -28 TP
  • 5th level (gained at Epic Level) - can reach up to 100 feet -40 TP

Fly: (Racial class ability) The Dragoon uses his/her powerful wings to soar through the skies. -2 TP per 15 seconds

Double Jump: (Racial class ability) The Dragoon has the ability to use his/her powerful wings to give hm/her an extra boost, jumping up to a maximum of 9 feet. (Can be used at any time)

  • Dive: The Dragoon used his/her double jump to dive on to an opponent and deliver an overhead strike which deals 1d10xLVL points of damage. -12 TP