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A White Dragonborn Fighter holding a Slayer Blade.

Dragonborn (also known as Dovah-Kiin in Draconic) are Demi-Humans who are descendants of dragonkin. Unlike their pureblood Human and Draconian kin, Dragonborn have enhanced smell, sight and a breath weapon.


The Dragonborn first rose up around the same year the Draconians gave up their duties as soldiers. Not only did the Draconians leave, but so did some of the Dragons too who polymorphed themselves into humanoid form, becoming either a Human, Elf, Half-Elf or even a Draconian.

So without others knowing, the females both Human and Dragon gave birth to a new race of humanoid creatures now deemed The Dragonborn. Unfortunately due to their somewhat destructive powers, they were ostracized by many races and many others were exiled from civilization.

The only others who accepted them were the Dragonkin races, whose blood is related to them due to their ancestry.

The Racial Conflicts however allowed the race to prove their worth by fighting alongside those who believed all races are equal.

Over the course of the years after the conflicts, they were eventually accepted back into society seeing that they were worthy to live among the others.


Dragonborn have similar organs to their human kin, but are equipped with different organs similar to what Dragons have. Around the branch opening into the lungs is a gland that produces a material with elemental properties depending on the type of dragon breed the Dragonborn is.

Below is an assorted list of breath weapons for certain Dragonborn both Metallic and Chromatic:

  • Red/Ruby: Fire
  • Blue/Sapphire: Electric discharges
  • Green/Emerald: Poison gas
  • Yellow/Gold: Fire
  • Orange/Bronze: Acid spit
  • Brown/Copper: Electric discharges
  • Black/Onyx: Acid spit
  • White/Diamond: Ice
  • Beige/Brass: Fire
  • Gray/Silver: Ice

(breath weapon only usable when using the Dragoon class)

Another thing that Dragonborn have is their eye pattern, whose eye color ranges from Red - Yellow. The eye of a Dragonborn can also see up to a minimum of 20 ft. to a maximum of 70 ft.


Just like their Draconian cousins, Dragonborn are also able to withstand a blast of dragon breath but are only capable of enduring half of it due to them being only half-bloods.

Summary of Dragonborn racial abilities:

  • +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma (due to the Dragonborn's history in society)
  • +1 will save vs Dragon breath
  • -4 will save vs enemy dragon's breath (see Draconians article)
  • +1 Fortitude for every 4 points in Constitution

Languages: Human and Draconic. Depending on bonus to Intelligence, a Dragonborn may learn that many new languages.

Movement rate: 120 ft.

Far sight:

  • 20 ft. Spot +4
  • 40 ft. Spot +3
  • 60 ft. Spot +2
  • 70 ft. Spot +1

Within the range of sight distance, a Dragonborn can detect what he/she sees. Although no significant time is required, the character must deliberately view his/her surroundings (i.e., the player must state that the Dragonborn is using this particular talent in order to gain information).