Del Crystal

The Del Crystal

The Del Crystal is an artifact of unholy power and of evil origin, dating back to the times of the old kingdom during the Great Conjunction. The crystal was created as a vessel for an agent of darkness known as Dark Force (or Falzara as the mortal realms of The Prime call her) by the ultimate evil of the universe The Profound Darkness.

The Del Crystal was eventually used by Argilion during the war of the Ancients, but failed to master its supreme unholy power and was instead defeated without having a chance to use its power.

The crystal's fate was that Ranatosk struck the gem with his father's sword The Kaladbolg and split it in two which did merely nothing to it. Instead it created 2 vessels for the agent of darkness. Ranatosk had no choice but to have it ejected into deep space, one half sealed within a ship with its own crew and the other thrown into the star-filled void.


Falzara, the goddess of chaos and insanity.

1st Half

The 1st half eventually infected the entire ship and its crew which caused the ship to crash land on the planet Ragol where it lied dormant until a host body came along for Falzara to take control of.

This half contained her primal and violent side of her mind.

2nd Half

The 2nd half of the crystal drifted endlessly through space only to be recovered by The Fissure for study. This half of the crystal contained her logical and wise side to her mind, allowing her to do more creative thinking and planning on what to do once set free.

Ultimate Fate

The 2 halves were eventually destroyed by Robin Jones during his time as a Hunter on Pioneer 2 and his time on Terrahypt. The Profound Darkness itself however invaded the Helios system after being set free by Lars Landred in a futile attempt to absorb its power.