A Cyrathesian Patriarch leading his troops into battle.

Cyrathesians are clones created from Edmyron DNA by Tri G using the blood they retrieved from Alia during her time back on Terra. Many of them however are under the influence of Arklight who uses them as soldiers and law enforcers during his time on Terrahypt.


The Cyrathesians are similar in anatomy to the Edmyrons, but their exterior appearance is completely different. They resemble young blonde haired men and women with long Cyrathilian-like ears. The ones not under Arklight's control usually wear white and gold tunics or clothing and sometimes wear jewelry on their ears. The influenced ones however dress in suits of armor which was created using Terran technology, concealing their faces completely.

Unfortunately due to their imperfect genetic structure, the average Cyrathesian can only live up to a month before expiring.


Among the influenced Cyrathesians, excluding the normal foot soldiers, there are 5 different types depending on their usage:

Patriarchs/Matriarchs (M/F): These Cyrathesians are some of Arklight's greatest generals and are usually in command of multiple squads. They are usually seen wearing heavily reinforced armor and are armed with some of the most efficient and strong weaponry. Pray you do not run into them.

Ravangers (M): These Cyrathesians have a pack mounted on to their backs which constantly pumps Wrath into them making them go insane and act extremely violent. These soldiers are often used to clear out areas with multiple people or to hunt down certain individuals, often their own variety of attack dogs. When taken off the drug, they will go through signs of withdrawl and act extremely irrational and violent, made as a failsafe should anyone capture one and try to indoctrinate him.

Sirens (F): These Cyrathesians wear absolutely no armor on their mouth but make up for their extremely powerful shriek which immobilizes anyone that is within range of it. To protect ally Cyrathesian soldiers from falling prey to this, Arklight has implanted shock absorbers into their eardrums which absorb a Siren's shriek attacks should they wade into the area of effect.

Dreadnoughts (M): These Cyrathesians while in development have had their musclemass increased allowing them to lift 5x the limit of an average human being. Usually they are used to bash through extremely durable objects including mechs and reinforced metal doors. Unfortunately their brains have been shrunken to make up for their super strength.

Techs (M/F): These Cyrathesians are extremely skilled in computers, mechanical work and medicine. Similar to Dreadnoughts, their bodies have been modified in a certain way, only in the opposite direction, enhancing their brain capacity and weakening their body frame making them not only smart, but extremely weak in combat. They are often used as snipers rather than foot soldiers.