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Clerics are mortal and spiritual leaders, pious warriors who preach the will of the gods, interpret omens and portents, and strike down the faithless.

Some clerics are fanatics, zealously seeking new converts or hunting heretics. Others seem almost burdened by an inconvenient or even oppressive relationship with the divine forces.

Dark clerics-sinister villains who prey upon fear and jealousy-sow discord in the world and gather converts for their dark gods.


Clerics play an important support role for an adventuring party. Most clerical spells (often known as "Prayers") are oriented towards healing, strengthening, and defending others. However, when the need arises the cleric is fully capable of taking a place in the line of battle and smiting down infidels and foes, but use blunt weapons due to their oath taken as clerics to never use edged weapons due to them being capable of drawing blood. Clerics employ their holy symbols rather than spell books as a focus for their meditation.

Cleric spells are automatically acquired as the cleric gains levels and no check is necessary to ensure they are understood; thus clerics may normally memorize any spells appropriate to their level. However, in some circumstances the powers the cleric serves may intervene and grant different spells to those cases (such as when the cleric has been guilty of an alignment transgression of some kind, for example; more serious transgressions may result in fewer to no spells being granted).

Some Dungeon Masters may permit clerics of specific deities to have slightly different abilities from those listed in the OSRIC core rulebook.

Attributes and stats[]

HP: 1d8

Prime Requisite: Constitution, Wisdom.

Bonuses: Gains a +2 to Heal, Spellcraft and +3 to Diplomacy.

Weapons: Any blunt.

Armor: any

Shields: any

Racial limitations: any

XP per level (multiplied by 2 after each level): 1,550


Turn undead - A holy/unholy attack where the cleric speaks the word "Turn!" which if successful can cause all undead within the area to flee in terror or if powerful enough can destroy them (or control them if using an unholy symbol). Must have a holy/unholy symbol

Zealous accusation - A holy/unholy cone area of effect attack which deals 1d6xLVL points of holy/unholy damage to all targets within the cone. -12 TP

Judgement - A holy/unholy attack which causes the cleric to let forth a beam of light/darkness directed at a specific target which deals 1d4xLVL points of holy/unholy damage and acts as a vampiric regeneration healing the cleric for the amount of damage dealt. -15 TP

Limit Breakers[]

Sacred/Profane Penance - The Cleric calls forth the might of his/her deity and lets forth a massive 50ft. in diameter blast of holy/unholy energy hitting all foes in the are of effect for 2d20xLVL points of holy/unholy damage and fully restores the party's HP and removes all debuffs.