The Celtions were an ancient race of humanoids that are said to be the Ancients of Zerana, having first created a mass civilization on the planet, they were considered to be the most powerful race on Zerana. Unfortunately it is believed that they were wiped out by the Yluxa incident, destroying any remenants of a once great civilization.


It is often theorized by the Terrahyptians that they are the creators of all forms of life and seeded the planet Zerana many eons ago.

Deep beneath the surface of Terrahypt, many ancient ruins and remenants of the race was discovered, causing a massive jump in their technology.

Terrahyptians even to this day are exploring the cosmos hoping to find more about this ancient species.


From what archaeologists have gathered, Celtion culture is quite similar to the Celtic culture from Terra which makes the race mostly composed of Druids. Somehow through multiple different rituals and evolution, Celtions have harnessed the powers of the Thilians, giving them the power to manipulate Archium at will.

Celtion bonding is done by merging ones magical energy source spiritually with its companion allowing for each Celtion's magic power to increase in strength until one Celtion or the other dies, then the magic power returns to its original state. Celtion mating is done by connecting ones mind to its mate before proceeding with the sexual interaction. This allows for their offspring to inherit their magic power once it is born, but is unable to use it until it has become of age.

Celtions are extremely resourceful and rely on their magic to power their technology rather than fossil fuel or other natural resources. Often they prefer to live in naturally formed places such as massive trees, caves and sometimes if it would cause no harm, create shelters out of pure stone.

Celtions often try not to get involved with war and combat, but when forced to they will often create clones of themself to send into battle against whatever foe threatens their lands.