Bloodfire Beserkers symbol

The Insignia of the Bloodfire Berserkers representing the eternal bloodfire that flows through the veins of each and every warrior.


The Bloodfire Berserkers are a guild of Berserkers whose main goal is to defend the weak and the effortless. Being composed of mainly Berserkers, they mostly only use brute force to solve problems rather than think first. So to avoid causing trouble, they usually take jobs that involve using violence to solve it.


The Bloodfire Berserkers was first founded during the conflict wars by Morias Bloodfire of the Bloodfire clan of Barbarians. At first he and his clan were merely an independent tribe who lived out their life in solitude, away from the conflicts between the other races. But eventually the war found its way to them and he had no choice but to stand up and fight against the forces that threatened to destroy his clan and bring dishonor to his bloodline.

Thus the Bloodfire Berserkers were born, a Guild with one motive: Protect the weak and defenseless against those who would harm them.

Many years later after saving his clan from the opposing forces and emerging victorious, Odin granted Morias The Asgard Cleaver, the fabled weapon of the Berserkers and deemed him champion of Asgard.

Many years have passed ever since then and Morias soon became too old to fight and was slain in battle by Drakel of The Sons of Vecna. As his life force began to fade, his thoughts turned to his son Grognar Bloodfire, praying to Odin that he does not die and that he becomes the son he always dreamed him to be.

The Guild's Fate

After the final wars, Grognar Bloodfire reformed The Bloodfire Berserkers and became the new leader of the guild, having his descendants take his place once he died of age.

Previous members

Morias Bloodfire - Founder (died in single combat with Drakel)

Grognar Bloodfire - Son of the founder and rightful heir of the guild.

Rorek DragonsBane

Mark the Red - Morias Bloodfire's right hand man, it is said that he is a descendant of the legendary hero Beowulf. (died in single combat with The Shadow)